Want to Boycott Israel

Hat Tip: Lady Light


les said...

Why not boycott life? Get a life insteadof boycott Israel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,

Just saw that your post is featured among the blogs on Yahoo News: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090315/ap_on_re_eu/eu_germany_school_attack_3

(Took a screenshot, just in case...)

Anonymous said...

this video is not nearly serious enough

Benji Lovitt said...


"Please kill yourself".

Made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I give money to support Israel.They play such a large role in the end times the bible speaks of.They are and always will be GODS chosen people.Praise be to GOD.I am blessed when I bless ISRAEL!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful propaganda piece. when are the so-called elite going to begin to speak some truth in their life.Life is beautiful and it's joy can be shared if we all try to put some fear of God into our lives. Isreal is inevitable because she is the instrument of life and dead. she save life and take life in return.Thank you for being part of the brain-washing machines.

Anonymous said...

What a simplistic piece of brain washing.
It's not about the good thing Israelis, or Israel-based companies, have done. It's about the bad things they are doing: the international laws they are breaking and the crimes against humanity they are committing.
One can be a genius and still be capable of doing evil things, and Israel proves it.

Lady-Light said...

Thanks, Jack, for hattipping my blog.
Congrats on Yahoo picking this up.
Truth is, without Israel and the Jews, the world would be that much poorer and less civilized.
(Is that a great video, or what?!)

Mark said...

Amusing and intelligent but specious and slightly racist. Even a very great nation like Israel can be in error and if that error is not self-addressed, boycott applies external pressure that might work. Personally, I don't favor boycotting Israel, but smug non-sequitors like this insult people's intelligence.

Jack Steiner said...


You said it.

Hi Froylein,

Thanks for the tip.


Like the name.


But you should see the comments that didn't make it.


That please kill yourself line made the video.


We can hope.

Next anon,

Not so sure I follow the brain washing.


Why not offer some specifics. Far easier to have an intelligent discussion.


The video was great.

Even a very great nation like Israel can be in error

True. It happens to all nations.


Very true. But since most of those countries are run by two bit dictators they'd rather shine the light somewhere else. Easy way to try and protect their own hides.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Man. I wish Yahoo had picked me up when I posted this back in January. YARGH!

Lucky duck you are :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Excellent video!
- zonker

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