March 15, 2009

Notes on Boycotting Israel

My traffic received a nice bump when Yahoo! picked up my post Want to Boycott Israel. It also generated a ton of comments, most of which were not approved because of their racist and hateful overtones.

If you are unclear about the comment policy here I invite you to go read this post.

Ok, for the purpose of educating the troglodytes who won't click on the link the basic policy says that hate speech isn't allowed here. You want to spew antisemitic venom go hang out on one of those neo-nazi websites, they love that stuff there.

Want to carp about how it is possible to be anti-Israel without being antisemitic prove it by not including comments about Jews in your post. Also I encourage some of you to remember that comment moderation cannot be overcome by trying to post the same comment three times.

That is directed primarily at the guy who accused me of trying to use "Jew propaganda" to promote my agenda. Watch out I have used my diabolical skills as an Evil Zionist Mastermind to infect the hamsters that power your computer. Even now the rodent army is massing in your CPU. Soon they will burst out and take control over your entire trailer.

I also encourage you to bring more than talking points to the dialogue. Want to make a point try to support your allegations with some facts. Don't rattle on about how big bad Israel breaks laws and is mean. Provide some fact. Support it and be ready to discuss why other countries aren't held to similar standards.

Want to talk about the impact a lobby has on government? Ok, let's talk about it. I'd love to discuss the influence of the oil lobby and how they have worked hard to help prevent serious
study and discussion of alternative energy sources.

All I know is that as I read through the comments I kept hearing that old United Negro College Fund slogan "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" going through my head. Not to mention its partner, "R.I.F., reading is fundamental."

Some of your comments were made because you are dumber than a rock. Scratch that, I don't want to insult the rock. But some of you might actually have something interesting to offer if you actually took a moment to do some research and educate yourself.

That is enough on this topic. Got to run for a bit, back later.


Anonymous said...

Kudos on being picked up by Yahoo! But I don't know how you can stand reading the things antisemites post.

On a side note, minor correction: It's the gerbil army that we have been organizing to take over the world's computers. Hamsters didn't respond well to being in uniform.

- the blogger formerly known as Mirty

Mrs. S. said...

Great post!

BTW, I was wondering if you have any extra "Jew propaganda" you could lend me. As you can imagine, the stores here in the "Zionist entity" can't seem to keep up with the demand for the stuff, and I just don't see how I can possibly "promote my agenda" without it...