March 23, 2009

If You Had a Superpower What Would It Be?

Friends it is time to answer another question. If you could have any superpower what power would you choose?


tali said...

I would say it would be "the super healer". there is nothing i hate more than having my girls sick without being able to help them.

SuperRaizy said...

The ability to fly.
Really cuts down on transportation costs.

Jacob Da Jew said...


1. The ability to eat cholent without any side effects

2. One word: Wolverine.

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

I'd probably stick with the ones I already have.

All right - maybe I would add adamantium bones, and claws.

And speedy healing, but that's it.

Jack said...


Super Healer would be pretty cool.


That it would. Just have to be careful not to get hit by an airplane because that would suck. ;)


Beano. ;) Wolverine is the man.


Wolverine again, got to love that guy.

Soccer Dad said...

The ability to go back time. That would allow me fix my many mi