Has Twitter Helped/Hindered Your Blog?

A question for those of you on Twitter. Do you think that Twitter has had a positive or negative impact on your blog?


Jewlicious said...

I get roughly 50-100 hits a day from twitter which is like a tiny blip. Most of the people on twitter seem to be promoters promoting their own blogs or social network marketing consultancies. Because of the low barrier to entry - 140 words, no graphics, programing or substance, twitter has been inundated with the very worst self styled internet marketers ever. The signal to noise ratio is WHOA! MOSTLY.WASTE.OF.TIME.

...well at least so far.

Anonymous said...

I get about 25-50 hits a day from Twitter alone and its great for people to send quick feedback about posts, plus when I hit 500 followers I got a big ego boost.

As Jewlicious stated before me - I would say that 50% of the people on Twitter claim to be SEO-Internet marketing gurus, don't matter to me because they click on the 3-5 links I share per day on Twitter.

Jessica Gottlieb said...

It sucks up my time but it brings me readers.

it's probably a wash... no wait, it got me in the WSJ, Ad Age, NYT, mashaable...

yes to twitter!

Jack Steiner said...


It seems like half the people who follow me categorize themselves as being some sort of Internet/Social media guru.

Kind of interesting to see how many people are out there trying to grab a piece of the pie.


You're part of that mommyblogger demo. I still can't decide if the marketers give guys you too much or too little credit.

But if you're making it work that is cool.

~~Silk said...

A few people whose blogs I follow have either moved to or added Twitter. (I flatly refuse.) Some have their tweets appear on their blogs.

As a blog reader, my chief complaint is that a blog that used to be "this is my philosophy", "this is how I feel", "this is what happened", has become "I did this", "I did that", "I had this momentary reaction".

It's all appetizers now, all bits of pastry, no main course. No meat. No potatoes. No thought.

I dislike the change.

I fear that society is headed that way.

(My verification word is "chumper". I hope that's not a judgment.)

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