March 08, 2009

The Hardwood Floors Dilemma

I have beautiful hardwood floors throughout most of my house. I say throughout most because there are two spots in which the floors look like hell. Two spots that just happen to mark the place in which my computer armoire has been located.

Or should I say that the two spots are where my chair was located in front of my computer armoire. I am responsible for these blemishes and I need to take care of them. The obvious question to be asked is what did I do to create these marks and why didn't I take steps to prevent that from happening.

And the answer is that in the first situation I was completely oblivious to what was happening. Ok, not oblivious but due to a small issue with lighting I didn't spot the marks until they had gotten to be large enough that they were very noticeable.

So I moved the armoire and equipped the chair with four felt pads that for quite some time did a fine job of serving as a great defender of the floor. In time though the pads gave up the fight and the nemesis of the hardwood floor "Marty Scuff" was able to set up home in one more place in my home.

The reality of the situation is that I can't refinish two small spots and not the rest of the floor. While that would solve that problem it will create another in that it will make the rest of the floor look like it needs to be done.

While I would like to redo all of the floors at the moment I am a bit short on the funds to do it all so this is one more project that I am going to have to put on hold for a bit. In the interim I am in search of a bandaid that won't look like a bandaid.

One potential solution is to try and turn the scratch into some sort of artwork. I can envision taking the scratch and making it into some sort of rose. There are two issues with that.

First, while I can imagine it working I don't think that I am artistically talented enough to do it. More importantly my fragile male ego can't take the idea of carving some sort of rose into the floor. I'd consider the Mudflap girl but something tells me that other people in the house would be less than appreciative of this.

I suppose that for now I'll put this on my list of things to do. Speaking of my list of things to do it kind of reminds me of that bag that Harry Potter and company used to store their gear. You know the one that never ran out of space. That is what my list is like. No matter how many items get crossed off an equal number are generated to replace them. And that my friends is why I need to run now as I must take a moment to try to at least finish two more line items today.


therapydoc said...

Great post. We have the same scratches! But they're in the dining room where my son used to do his homework. Now he's working up new scratches in the family room. Ours are nothing like a rose.

Jack said...

Those scratches are insidious. They just keep creeping up.

V-Grrrl said...

You know, those scratches tell a story that deserves to be told about your life.

I have a house with hardwood floors and lots of antique architectural elements. One of those is a beautiful antique communion rail rescued from an old church in Virginia. It is installed and serves as a rail along the top of the stairwell. My two cats take a shortcut through it, and as a result, it has developed a nest of scratches in a particular spot. I don't worry about it. The rail has a history and my family is writing the latest chapter. I thnk the marks add to its value to me.

Miriam L said...

Cover all your floors with Astroturf. (That bizarre idea came to me because a neighbor has replaced his lawn with artificial grass. Why stop at the lawn? Why not the floors too?)

Jack said...

You know, those scratches tell a story that deserves to be told about your life.

They do, but I am not so sure that I want the visible reminder that they represent. ;)

Astroturf- You know I have considered it.