February 22, 2009

Social Networks and Love

Here is an interesting article on CNN about social networks and relationships. It ties into how many people have used Facebook or similar media to connect with old friends and lost loves.

Not to mention how social media has also facilitated new relationships.

More than one-third (35 percent) of U.S. adult Internet users have a profile on a social networking site, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's daily tracking survey of 2,251 adults.

As more people join social networks like MySpace and Facebook, getting back in touch with old friends and lovers is becoming increasingly easy.

A search on both networks turns up a handful of groups dedicated to lost loves and first loves. Although neither site formally tracks the number of groups dedicated to the topic, MySpace spokeswoman Jamie Schumacher says it's common for users to meet on the site and fall in love and end up together.


chaviva said...

I know of at least two cases where someone has found a "first love" or "lost love" and their relationship (married) has suffered as a result. I think that it's good that we have such access to finding old friends and flames, but I think it would also be interesting to see the effects of these networking sites on "happy" and "successful" relationships ... falling apart, that is.

Jack said...

Good questions.