The Next Time I Visit Ikea

The next time I go to Ikea I have decided that I am going to have some fun. I have decided that I want to replace the store signs with some of my own devising.

As you may know Ikea is Swedish and virtually all of the items in the store are marked in English and Swedish. If you take a look at the Ikea catalogue here you'll see what I am talking about.

Since most Americans don't speak Swedish I figure it should be relatively easy to start an Ikea revolution. How many of the Ikea employees are going to realize that any changes have been made.

For example what would happen if you saw an easel and saw that it was called an Artfouker. It is Swedish, you don't speak Swedish. You wouldn't think twice about it. It should be easy to go through and make a few changes here and there.

Want something for your bedroom? Maybe you need to buy a Floozieliker. In the bathroom you'll probably need to get a Strudelsocker or Coksenhoser.

The kitchen could use a few Meathosen and Gorken.

See the possibilities are endless.


Leora said...

We went to Ikea once as a family, no, perhaps before my eldest son was born. We bought various furniture. All have since broken, including two fancy dressers, except for the wooden coffee table, which has withstood all three of our children and their rambunctious friends. My daughter still throws it about when she is displeased.

You are welcome to rename their furniture in any way you please.

Jack Steiner said...

There is that quality issue on many of those pieces.

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