February 22, 2009

The Bungee Cord Breaks

Maybe I'll pass on the Bungee Jumping.

AMBOY, Wash. — A day of bungee jumping with friends from work came to a sudden stop when the cord broke and a man dropped into Canyon Creek northeast of Yacolt, Wash. Thursday.
Mark Afforde said the cord broke shortly after he'd hit the lowest point of the jump from an estimated 400-foot high bridge — about 25 feet from the surface. Paramedics from North Country Medical said that probably saved his life as he was relatively close to the creek when the cord snapped.

Afforde, 49, said he heard the bungee cord snap and he felt the impact as he went underwater. Then, he realized he was still alive and okay and made his way to the side of the creek.
"I am incredibly fortunate. Not only to be with the people I'm with, but to be here. Had it been a different situation, I probably wouldn't be here," Afforde told KGW in the exclusive interview.
Despite the scare, Afforde said he would bungee jump again.


Miriam L said...

My husband and kids go bungee jumping every summer. Mainly because the kids like to hear Dad "screaming like a little girl."

I refrain from such activities.

Jack said...

I don't blame you.