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War in Gaza Update 9.5

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza. We're starting to see a higher volume of spam and remarks from trolls so Comment moderation has been turned on.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9.

Take a look at the news and what do we see

John Bolton in the WAPO The Three-State Option.
CNN Top Hamas official defiant over rocket strikes.
The Economist Now the ground war.
Ottawa Citizen Only the end of Hamas can bring peace to Gaza.
The Telegraph Gaza will explode if US stays on sidelines.
Haaretz Lull now
Huffington Post Hamas Is Responsible for the Civilian Casualties in Gaza.
Huffington Post Photos From Israel That You Won't See on the News.
NY Times The Toughest Q’s Answered in the Briefest Tweets.
Ventura County Star Israel Losing PR War

Chabad War News and Info.

In the blogosphere:

The Muqata and Israelly Cool are liveblogging. Apparently they have inspired Backspin to do so as well.

The IDF Spokesperson provides this video of the IDF attacking terrorists:

They also provide more information about what has been happening. Here is an incomplete summary of their summary:

  • A mosque used to store mass amounts of weaponry
  • An underground bunker in the area of Gaza city. The attack caused secondary explosions indicating there were explosives inside. Tunnels in the area collapsed.
  • A number of smuggling tunnels, near Rafah, used by the Hamas terror organization as passages for terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip and that formed part of the purchasing and supply system of the organization
  • 80 trucks with humanitarian aid were transferred into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing

Seraphic Secret shared The Unbearable Lightness of the Blood Libel.

Mere Rhetoric provides a report on the SF Consulate Conference Call - Operation Cast Lead Media Strategy.

The Elder asked Is Israel winning the media war? He also has a post that asks Why would Israel want civilians to die?

And rounding out his trifecta is The Zionist Collaborator Hierarchy.

Over at Yourish are the following:

Czech FM to Israel: We’re telling you to lose, Saving Hamas by diplomacy and Firming up the narrative: Israel can’t win.

At the Occidental Israeli you can review Operation Cast Lead - Arab World III.

Mother in Israel shared Pictures of Israeli Soldiers Treating Palestinian Weapon Smugglers.

Weasel Zippers shared this disturbing post Daily Kos: "I Find Satisfaction in the Death of an Israeli Soldier".....


UN Complains Their Ambulances Can't Reach Gaza Wounded, Fails to Mention Their Vehicles are Being Used as Hamas Troop Carriers....

Blackfive wrote about the Palestinian war crime of the day.

The Jawa Report shared this SF: Interesting Pro-Hamas Protest Banner.

Crittenden has another round up called Heil Hamas.

Shiloh Musings has a List of Wounded Soldiers.

LGF has Guardian Hits Bottom, Digs. While you are there read Staged Photos Pouring Out of Gaza.

Carl in Jerusalem to be interviewed on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

Don't forget to read Captured terrorist being treated at Soroka Hospital with IDF troops.

Ammaro blogged Peace.

On The Fringe provided for spite: re palestinians' preference for martyrdom.

Esser Agaroth blogged about increased Rocket Range.

Daled Amos shared Audio: Alan Dershowitz On Fox Radio Discussing Disproportionate Force and Video: Children of Hamas.

This ends the latest round up. More to come later today.


Leora said…
The Chabad site was an interesting one. There is a woman featured who has a son in the Israeli army.

I'm also interested in the research on the Mumbai attacks. I saw an article this morning that suggested that the Nariman house was really the main focus. Scary, if that's true.
thanks for this amazing roundup..praying for the IDF!
Anonymous said…
We Need You to Stand Up For Israel this Week.

Rally Against Hamas Terrorism
and for Israel's right to defend its citizens.
There will be many pro-Israel rallies across the United States during the coming week...

Join the pro-Israel rallies that are taking place this week in chronological order:

Los Angeles
**Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: In front of the Israeli Consulate in L.A.
Street: La Jolla & Wilshire

Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Time: 12 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Federal Building in Westwood L.A.
Street: Veteran and Wilshire

StandWithUs, Bnei Akiva and the ILC in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and Jewish Day Schools across Los Angeles, invite you to STAND IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL's RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF AGAINST HAMAS

We would like to ask you to please dress appropriately and respect the police instructions. Please stay out of the street, don't block the sidewalks, and stay away from any possible counter-protesters. Please act professionally.

Stand With Israel & StandWithUs

hi jack. thanks for all your info and hard work. wanted to share this with you. i'm calling everyone I know to join us tomorrow - show achdus on 10 teves. don't know if you can post this, but figured i'd send it anywa. thank you

Go to for the signs
Bring Bullhorns Bring American and Israeli Flags
Contact Evangelical, Copt, Mormon, Christian and other pro-Israel groups to stand together for democracy and against radical Islam.
mab3oos said…
whats wrong with destroying Israel. It is a country of savages that feed on killing. They have no right of robing people of their land then go on killing sprees in the name of self defense.

Israel will never be safe. Ever. There are generations of angry Arabs and Muslims that Israel will never be able to sit and relax without a new wave of Suicide Bombers, Freedom Fighters, or even Stone Throwers fighting for whats rightly theirs.
Anonymous said…
Great, well packed post. The delusional insanity of the Left is frightening. They ignore all facts and logic. Hamas, a terrorist organization killing the so-called Palestinians' hope for peace', are evil garbage, they must be eliminated. They have sent thousands, yes thousands of missiles into Israel over the past couple of years and Israel had never exercised their right of self-defense, until recently, when Hamas broke the ceasefire and started firing rockets again.

Israel is FINALLY doing the right thing. If Hamas is destroyed, then, if the rest of the 'Palestinians' really want peace they can give up their dream of destroying Israel, if not, they will never have peace.

Israel must destroy as much of Hamas as possible before the MSM and the idiots and ignorants whine loud enough for them to stop. They must only quit when they are ready.

For EVERY missile shot into Israel at least ONE missile should be returned to the area as close as possible to the shooter. Tit for tat. Every single missile should be returned. Period. Treat them like adults, if they kill, they will be killed. If they send missiles, they will receive them. That is the only way they will learn. Screw public opinion, force them to see the truth, or let them be damned.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
hope your kids grow up

to strap bombs on babies
to kill other children

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
form a terrorist country

then wish to be destroyed
by committing acts of war

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
blame your failings on the Jews

for a few more thousand years
they are Earth's scapegoats

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
give Israel away

to appease her enemies
dishonor America

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never mock Democrats

it's just their religion
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Stop Terrorism Today!

Jack Steiner said…

I saw that about Nariman. Quite disturbing.


My pleasure.


Thanks for letting us know.


Big words and big dreams that will never come true. You guys can talk and posture. Not going to happen. There is a reason why no country is fighting for Hamas. Everyone understands that they and their sponsor Iran are nothing more than thugs.

US Space- We certainly hope that the IDF meets all of their goals.

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