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War In Gaza Update #10

Welcome to another edition of updates on the War in Gaza. Due to the high value of spam and some of the comments I have turned on comment moderation. It appears that some of you would very much like me to engage in an act that is anatomically impossible.

Actually those comments are tame. Some of the other foaming at the mouth, hate filled screeds are almost comical. Anyhoo, we can smile and blow kisses at the blowhards later. Suffice it to say that periodically I let a few of the monkeys escape from the cage so that everyone gets to see what they have to offer.

And now we'll head off to the next round up of news and information about the war in Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5.

In the news you'll find a variety of articles to review:

CNN, oh CNN, is this supposed to be balanced:
In Gaza, living with anger and fear (Just wondering why we never saw anything like this about Sderot.)
The New York Times has an editorial Incursion Into Gaza that straddles the fence.
From MSNBC Israel ignores international calls for cease-fire and Outline of a possible Gaza truce emerges.
On you can read Israel battles way into Gaza's urban areas.
Business Standard reports Obama avoiding talks on foreign policy including Gaza.
The BBC asks Gaza conflict: Who is a civilian?
Time Magazine Analysis: How Hamas Wins by Losing and Despite Pummeling in Gaza, Hamas Thinks It Has the Upper Hand.

JPost has Reporter's Notebook: Under fire in Ashkelon and Car rams gates of Toulouse synagogue.

Check out Ynet's The price of disengagement and Your opinion is irrelevant.

The Nation Israel's New War Ethic.

Michael Totten discusses The Israeli Way of War.

Melanie Phillips War is terrible, but the alternative in Gaza was worse.

In the blogosphere:The Muqata and Israelly Cool are still liveblogging.

The IDF blog offers an explanation about the Friendly Fire incident here and a video.

IDF VLOG: Israel Captures Hamas Terrorists

Yaacov Lozowick discusses Proportionality and War and "What are the Israelis Thinking?"

Mere Rhetoric shares Hamas Bombs Another Israeli School (Plus: What's Their Next "Surprise"?) and MSM Division Of Labor: NYT Provides The Misleading Anti-Israel Headlines, Hamas Stringers Provide The Fake Pictures.

From The Augean Stables Astounding Update on Gaza Beach (2006): Father played with unexploded ordnance and Meditations on Moderation and Demopathy.

The Right Truth It's a Terrifying World. Breath of the Beast Can Public Broadcasting Really be THIS Contemptible?

Atlas Shrugs observed We value life, they value nothing. The Infidel Bloggers Alliance reports Warning to U.S. Jewish Centers. Wonder if those lovely antiwar protests intend to protest that, somehow I doubt it.

Gateway Pundit reports Egyptian President Mubarak Says He Wants an Israeli Victory.

Soccer Dad analyzes Cohen's rectification.

The American Sector in Zionist Alert!! questioned an NY Times report.
Here is a video of IDF wounded arriving at the hospital.

Over at Yourish Where suicide bombers come from and Czech FM to Israel: We’re telling you to lose.
As always Solomonia has good material. Check out Solomonia on Radio (Update) and Who Broke the Ceasefire?

Writes Like She Talks has Remains of the Day, 1/5/09: Gaza and Israel.

Shiloh Musings says We Didn't Roll Bandages. Lady Light has Take Your Kids to the Rocket Strike Zone Playground.

I think that Benji just might miss American football.Ok maybe this post isn't quite about that. Go read (Reuters) Texas Longhorns Down Hamas Cacaheads in Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

People in The Sun is Confused and All.

The Rebbitzin's Husband wrote a Letter to Gaza: Did I misunderstand you? and Pontificating on Gaza, Michael Lerner still married to Oslo.
Ruti wrote "What can I do? I can't just sit here..."

Prospects for Peace shared Five comments on the Gaza crisis and what to do.

From Bookworm Life under siege.

Adloyada shared Hamas leader promises even greater war crimes against Israel and Want a laugh? Compare how BBC reports Israel/Gaza with UK/Afghanistan.

Imshin discussed The Qassam Hunter from Sha’ar Hanegev.

Israel at level Ground How To 'Reach Out And Touch Somebody' In Gaza.

Sabra at Heart An Awe Inspiring response to a Guardian article.

Shrinkwrapped wrote On the Ground in Gaza.

This marks the end of the round up. Stay tuned for more.


Baila said…
Jack, you are doing an amazing job of putting out all of these links.

I know I don't comment much but I am a faithful reader.

If I want you to put something up should I submit, or are you just choosing on your own?
Jack Steiner said…
Feel free to submit.

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