January 10, 2009

Dueling Protests in Los Angeles

Here is some very disturbing footage from two dueling rallies in Los Angeles. At around 4:38 in the video several of the Pro-Hamas protesters chant things like "Long Live Hitler" and "Jews in Ovens." It is not unlike what happened at a number of other rallies around the country and the world.

We had two correspondents this rally that verify that the men highlighted in the video were not alone in these disgusting chants. You can disagree with the war. You can list all of the reasons and allege that there is a humanitarian crisis because of the war. But if in the process you gleefully cite the Holocaust and suggest that it was a good thing you lose all credibility.

Nice job scumbags. I hope that you're proud of yourself.


Philip I said...

Palestinians should convert to Judaism

Batya said...

Jack, in how many cities did this happen? I know of Florida, posted about it, and heard about Chicago.

Jack said...


This was in Los Angeles.