January 14, 2009

Do You Wear Shoes in the House?

Ok readers it is time to answer a new question. 

Do you wear shoes in the house or do you insist that they be taken off before people come inside?


nursemyra said...

other people are welcome to wear shoes in my house but I take mine off the minute I reach the bedroom

shavuatov said...

I don't - as we have new flooring! I don't insist on visitors removing their shoes if they're coming into the lounge though - it's wooden flooring and easy to clean...

Why do you ask?


Jacob Da Jew said...

Depends on the weather, nice days i dont nasty i do.

chaviva said...

I've always been a wear-them-inside kind of gal, as long as they aren't soaking wet or muddy. But I've discovered that other people aren't ... like my boyfriend and his mom, so I usually take them off.

Unless I'm at my place, then I leave them on :D

Tzipporah said...

Out here (in hippy-town oregon), the standard is to remove shoes upon entering a house, unless it's a fancy cocktail party or something.

But you can usually figure it out by looking for the giant pile of shoes next to the door.

In our house, we all take our shoes off and guests usually folow suit, but that's because many of our guests are under 5 and have just come in from jumping in mud puddles. ;)

Batya said...

It's winter, shoes are a necesity. We don't have carpets. I bring a "small rug" to shul.

But in the summer...

Rivster said...

Always taught that it was bad luck to removed shoes b/c it is considered a sign of mourning and we wouldn't want to invite the malach ha'mavet to pay a visit.

The Misanthrope said...

I usually come home and take mine off, but I don't require others too. As kids, we had to take them off in the garage.

Jack said...


I am with you. Shoes come off ASAP.


Just wondering.


One more reason not to live in places with snow. Feh.


It is one of those things that people get kind of crazy about.

Tzipporah, one of the great joys in life is dragging mud through the house.


A small rug. Hmm


I don't worry about the malach ha'mavet because I have a jar of lambs blood by my door. ;)


I don't either. People can wear shoes in my house. But my kids have a habit of kicking them off almost as soon as they get out of the car.