December 04, 2008

Waiting For The Repairman

I am in dire straits. Working on far too little sleep and in dire need of coffee. None in the house and I can't leave because I am waiting for the appliance repairman to show up. Supposed to be here between 8 and 12.

Have little energy so cannot type full sentences. Grumpy and irritable. Cranky and annoyed. Must get caffeine soon. Wonder if neighbor would think it strange if I knocked on door and tried to bum a cup of coffee off of them.

Sitting here drooling at the thought of wonderful, warm mug of life sustaining sustenance. Good time to send me to Gitmo to handle interrogations. No mug of life sustaining sustenance to be found. No patience.


1 comment:

shavuatov said...

Been there, know that. You have my empathy!

The guy will turn up at 11.55am. You could have gone out to get coffee, you know this.