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Things That Aggravate Me

I woke up this morning in a foul mood and had planned on going off on a rant about all sorts of things. But due to time restrictions I am going to save that rant for later and share a couple of quick comments about things that aggravate me.

Parking lots are a central source of aggravation. It is a virtual guarantee that I am going to get aggravated by something in a parking lot, especially if it is a Trader Joe's or Costco parking lot. The problem is that a parking lot is a place that is designed to make people focus on themselves and that is what happens, drivers pay little to no attention to what is happening around them.

I always get stuck behind the jackass who decides that they are going to drive less than a mile per hour down the lane in the hope that they do not miss a space. Driving speed in a parking lot is a touchy thing, because I get irritated with the fool who thinks that it is ok to pretend to be Jeff Gordon in the lot as well.

I get especially irritated with the person who thinks that parking headfirst in the space applies to other people. Perhaps they have neck trouble and think that backing into the space will make it easier to pull out when they leave. In that case I wish that they'd never get behind the wheel because if you can't turn your head what the hell are you doing driving.

You people irritate me almost as much as your counterparts inside the freaking grocery store. There is enough material here for a separate post. I could write about those people who are next in line at the checker but decide to run off for one more item or their friends who carry 11 items into the ten or less line.

Yes, I am the guy who counts how many items you have and yes I will move your cart out of the way if you are not back in time. Your time is no more valuable than mine. Make a list before you go to the store and check it off as you go. As for the too many items guy well I know that if I let you sneak by with eleven you're going to decide to try and slip by the next time with 25. Feh on you.

Two more quick comments about things that aggravate me.

Unsatisfying meals- I love to eat. It doesn't have to be gourmet and it doesn't have to home cooked every time. There is something thoroughly disappointing and disturbing about a unsatisfying meal, especially when there is nothing at the meal that is enjoyable. More on this at a later date.

A poor night's sleep drives me crazy. Now I am sure that I am one of many who find this to be irritating, but I don't care about you, I am writing about what aggravates me. And at the moment the terrible night I had has left me foaming at the mouth.

Most of the time I sleep well. It doesn't matter if I am stressed out, hungry or whatever, I fall asleep. But every now and then I find it difficult to fall asleep and sometimes suffer from bad dreams. Well, last night was one of those nights.

I couldn't fall asleep and when I did I had a million different nightmares. So I woke up this morning spitting blood, breathing fire and shooting laser beams from my eyes. That is pretty good if you work as a spawn of hell or are employed as a superhero. But it is not as enjoyable for a guy like me.

So if you'll excuse me I am off to go storm around the house and wreak havoc somewhere. If I have to be this cranky I might as well share the moment with someone else.


Anonymous said…
I always hated the parking lot at my local grocery store, until I found an abandoned puppy there... and took her home.

Anyway, parking lots and supermarkets are karma super-colliders no matter what. In the parking lot, you're bound to either cut in front of someone or be cut in front of, or be stuck behind someone. In the supermarket, chances are you'll take the last perfect banana that someone else had their eye on or someone's runaway cart will scrape your shin or something or other will happen.
So glad you got that all out. It hurts to hold that much in. We can all identify, assuredly.
My own personal pet peeve about the grocery store is that I freeze to death the whole time I'm shopping and can't wait to get back outside. Which often causes me to forget an item or two and not realize it until I'm pulling out of the dreaded parking lot.
The visual of you cranky around the house (which is in itself, rather difficult not knowing what you look like) was quite amusing :-)
Feel better?
Jack Steiner said…

Karma Super colliders- I like that. Never thought of it before.


That seems to be a common complaint of a lot of women, being cold that is.

As for the visual of me storming around, well at 6'10 no one really wants to get in my way.
Anonymous said…

It's easy to visualize Jack. Tall, dark, handsome and wearing a frog suit. ;)