December 10, 2008

My Kids Have Never Seen The Brady Bunch

It is not a matter of any significance, but I have to admit that sometimes it is strange to realize just how many stupid pop culture references I am familiar with that my kids are clueless about. They have never seen The Brady Bunch, couldn't tell you who the Fonz was and they don't know what an E-Ticket ride is.

But they can quote Homer, compare and contrast Aristotle, Socrates and Plato and know that the point is moot and not mute.

Ok, it is clearly time for me to try to go to bed. Excuse me while I attempt to discover the secret to sleep. If for some reason I come back here you can blame the Shmata Queen. Illogical, unreasonable, fickle and a major pain in my ass. But for some reason I think that I'll keep her around for at least another week.

Hey, do you think that stupid holiday season spirit thing has gotten ahold of me. I sure hope not, I prefer playing Jack Mcscrooge. It is so much more fun.


shavuatov said...

We want Mr Scrooge!

By the wy - you changed the name of your blog - any reason? Or did I miss something?


nursemyra said...

what's an E-ticket ride?

Jack said...

Scrooge rocks!