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I saw Milk. It was excellent. Actually managed to catch a number of other flicks including Defiance, Rachel Getting Married and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I enjoyed them all, but liked Defiance best. Got a few others to hit including Gran Torino and Revolutionary Road.

Eastwood has long been one of my favorite actors. I don't agree with much of Sean Penn's politics, but he is a fine actor. Who would have thought that the man who played Jeff Spicoli would come so far.

I think that I'll probably add to this post later on. At the moment it is a bit too late and I am a bit too tired and pissed off to write any more.


therapydoc said…
I still haven't seen The Dark Knight.
Esser Agaroth said…

"Fast Times At Ridgemont High" was classic.

He's done a lot of other good work, too.
Wow. Did someone get you a gift certificate for the theater?
Jack Steiner said…

You're missing out.




Nope, I have a few connections.