Gaza Round Up 3.5

This is part 3.5 in a continuing series of round ups about the current situation in Gaza. It is a collection of posts and articles from around the world and blogosphere. If you have posts that you think should be included email them to talktojack-now-at-sbcglobal-dot-net or let me know in the comments.

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First from the MSM:

At Ha'aretz Cabinet debating 48-hour Gaza truce as international pressure grows and Amos Oz: Hamas responsible for outbreak of Gaza violence.

The New York Times Amid a Buildup of Its Forces, Israel Ponders a Cease-Fire. Benny Morris on Why Israel Feels Threatened. And Egypt Offers Humanitarian Aid but Is Criticized for Refusing to Open Gaza Border.

YNET reports that rockets have reached Beer Sheva. JPost has Battlefront Twitter and an essay from Daniel Pipes called Insight into Bush's 'promising' Middle East.

Der Spiegel has 'Hamas Stupidity No Excuse for Israeli Overreaction' and Egypt in Quandary as Gaza Raids Divide the Muslim World.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still live blogging the war.

I suggest you read A Fatah Friend Writes: I'm Supporting the Israeli Air Force and Iran creates “war crimes” court for world to ignore.

At Mere Rhetoric you should review One-Third Of Hamas Launchers Too Deep In Residential Areas To Hit By Jet (Plus: Temporary Truce Rumors Debunked?)

Seraphic Secret has a post called Honest if Unlettered Arab Rhetoric.

Yid with Lid continues to cover the conflict Dershowitz on the Idiocy of Moral Equivalence, Cynthia McKinney Father Expect That She Will Try To Enter Gaza Again and Gaza War Videos You Won't See on Mainstream Media.

Soccer Dad has a good post called Reporter, heal thyself and another that explores whether Israel's actions are strengthening Hamas.

What War Zone has the Daily Gaza Update: Whatever

Boing Boing discussed technology and the war with Gaza Attacks: Two Related Reactions, in Second Life and Twitter. For a response to that post look here.

APRPEH offered Israel attacks Hamas: Euphoria Matured - Reality Settling In and Gaza War Message Confusion (what is the goal?)

Daniel Pipes has a dozen thoughts about Israel's War on Hamas.

Daled Amos took Notes On Today's Conference Call On Gaza. Mere Rhetoric took part too, America's Voices Conference Call - Operation Cast Lead.

Completing the Mere Rhetoric trifecta is this post about public relations: Israel Launches High-Tech Public Diplomacy Outreach To Explain Operation Cast Lead.

At Hot Air you'll find Assad calls for end to “massacre” in Gaza at meeting with … Arlen Specter.

Here is another note from Netivot.


Batya said...

Thanks for the link to the Netivot update. At the same blog, you'll find more updates from Nitzan and Ein Tzurim. I'm glad that friends in the crosshair are willing to post to Shiloh Musings.

Frank Partisan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I believe my position on Gaza, is not the position of probably most on the left.

I will check up your links.

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