Sunday- Household Chores

Another Sunday is almost on its way out the door. It is after dark and I haven't managed to take a shower yet. Had I not spent the majority of the day attending to various household chores I'd call myself a slacker. Truth is that I wonder where the hell the time went. It feels like I woke up an hour ago and now the end of the day approaches.

I find it irritating this feeling of wondering where the time went. Although I can account for my time, I still don't feel like I got enough done. Just for the heck of it let's create a list and see if it makes me feel better.

1) Cleaned up four bookshelves.
2) Organized the home office.
3) Steam cleaned the carpet.
4) Got rid of various piles of papers that I had been saving to look at.
5) Made a list of things to do for the jobs that pay the bills.

And that is just a partial list of the things that I did. It should make me feel better. I should feel like I got things done, that I was productive, but I don't.

The beauty of owning your own home is that there are always projects to be done. I need to attend to my sprinklers. Over the summer I replaced most of those that reside in my front yard. Recently some kind soul decided to break one, nice of them to do so in a more complicated way. I can't just take it apart. This one requires a bit more effort. Thus far it has thwarted my attempts to remove it.

It is not that I can't fix it, I can. The issue is how much work is going to be required to do so because what should be a simple task is not.

Ack. Don't quite know what ack means, but it sounds right. Or maybe I should say bleah because that is how I feel. I feel unsettled like I can't relax and I hate that. Some people hate holding still, not me. I am pretty good at it. While I like being productive I also enjoy doing a nice impression of a statue. I s'pose that I should add that most statues don't snore and that I do.

So here I am blogging about the endless list of chores and my distaste at the feeling of not having completed enough of them. I'll cross my fingers and hope that my blogging therapy assists me in overcoming this feeling.

My house has beautiful hardwood floors. I love them. There is something warm and inviting about hardwood. Unfortunately over time they have reached a point at which they really need to be refinished. I can do the job myself. I know what to do, but the question is do I really have the time.

Here I am bitching about feeling like I didn't get enough done. What the hell am I thinking about taking on another project. Sometimes it is worth paying someone else to do a job that you can do. If for no other reason then it is worth saving you some time so that you can do something else, like put up a new post.


Anonymous said...

I know this feeling.

I have a fantasy that I will one day come home to a perfectly clean, tidy, organised home.

In reality, I always feel at least 5 steps behind the house monkey that creates the dust bunnies (even more noticeable on those gorgeous hardwood floors!), buys and half-reads the newspapers, forgets to remind why I kept the article about the X-box and seems to wear all of my clothes whilst I am at work.

The joy of being an adult - that these things bother us.

Jack Steiner said...

Sometimes I hate being a grownup.

Anonymous said...

Only sometimes... hmm!

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