November 07, 2008

Reasons Not to Live in Cleveland

As the 17 long time readers know I find it interesting to see how people find this little corner of cyberspace. So every now and then I take a moment to check the list of keywords that led people here.

I recently noticed that several people had done so by using "reasons not to live in cleveland" as their search terms. Lo and behold I discovered that if you "google" that phrase this blog is at the top of the page. Go figure.

I had thought that Ezzie would probably have had the honor, but I was wrong. But then again the man is a bit of a masochist, he is a Browns fan. The good news is that with a little bit of treatment we can cure that.

But the real shocker was when the Shmata Queen admitted, albeit grudgingly that she would never move back to the land of the burning river. She said that at her advanced age she can't imagine living under perpetually gray skies and that she couldn't begin to conceive of dealing with that lousy weather.

I reminded her that at this point she has lived most of her life outside of there so she really shouldn't be surprised by this. Not to mention that virtually the entire family has fled the city. If you haven't guessed she loves when I point this stuff out to her and the world.

Shmata Queen, stop glaring. You know that you love me. Besides Ezzie will try to lend some support to the fair city. Of course he doesn't live there either and probably won't ever again, so take that as you will.

And now if you will excuse me I must get back to the important business of feeding the ducks.

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V-Grrrl said...

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame can only compensate for so much...

Ezzie said...

Look for random things about Cleveland, I rate higher. :)

Jack said...

V-grrrl- True.


Is that a challenge. ;)

pete526991 said...

Ahhh,Cleveland,such warm memories I have of that place.My company sent me for 3 days of training there one January about 40 years ago.It changed my life forever