November 25, 2008

Old Love Letters

So dear reader I have a question for you. Do you believe in holding onto old love letters or when the relationship ends do you throw them away?


Jacob Da Jew said...

I let them drift to the bottom of the pile..

rutimizrachi said...

Kept mine for years. Then, after marrying the Dearly Beloved, it occurred to me that it could not possibly add a smiley face to his day if he discovered them. So I filed them where history belongs: under FMO (For Memory Only).

Now HIS I still have... but I did let go of the ones I thought our holy children should probably not lay eyes on. (Blush.) What do I need them for, anyway? B"H, he reminds me every day.

Anonymous said...

Bin them! I've kept the ones I used to receive from my BH all those years ago, but any others have long been shredded and recycled!


Jack said...


There you go. Watch out for all the piles.


Could be kind of fun to see the look on the kids faces. ;)


Shredded and recycled. If I ever have a bad breakup I am going to have to use that term.

Sorry, you have been shredded and recycled in the hopes of a better future.