November 21, 2008

I Hate Doing Dishes

Just in case you were wondering I really dislike doing dishes. It was one of my chores growing up along with taking out the trash and a host of other things. I can't quite tell you why I dislike it so much, there really is no one reason.

On a side note over the years I have heard an interesting debate among people regarding hand washing versus the dishwasher. Proponents of both methods have claimed that their preference is the best way of cleaning.

As I understand it the arguments go like this:
Hand washing: The dishwasher misses things and leaves bits and pieces on the dishes.

Dishwasher- This is the only real method of disinfecting the dishes.
From my perspective the only reason to hand wash is because the item cannot go inside the dishwasher due to fragility or size constraints.

Either way I still don't like doing dishes.


froylein said...

It takes four times the energy for heating up the water and four times the amount of water to achieve the same level of cleanliness by handwashing that a dishwasher can. Most dishwashers use water at about 65 to 70 degrees Centigrade; a temperature most humans can't endure putting their hands in. Coated pans and crystalware are usually better off handwashed. [Many professional chefs only wipe their iron pans with a dry cloth...]

Jack said...

That is good to know. A definitive reason why the dishwasher is needed.