Who Would You Rather Be?

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Kate said...

Grandpa seems so much cooler and at least a tiny bit smarter.

SuperRaizy said...

Oh, definitely Grandpa. He didn't realize how weird he was and always seemed like he was having a good time. It was also kind of sweet how well he got along with Herman Munster.

Jack Steiner said...


Maybe, but I kind of like the light bulb thing.


Grandpa wasn't self conscious at all, that is a good thing.

Bill said...

wouldn't that be Grandpa Dracula as he was lily's father not Herman's.

One Wink at a Time said...

PLEASE don't make me pick.
But if I HAD to, I think it would be Fester. He's got low-maintenance hair and more comfortable clothes. And if I'm not mistaken, the probability of a longer life expectancy.

Jack Steiner said...


IMDB offered

His character on "The Munsters" (1964) was often incorrectly referred to as Grandpa Munster even though his name was Sam Dracula. Munster was the surname of his son-in-law.


Fester has the easiest hairstyle ever.

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