October 24, 2008

Shirley Bassey Blowout- James Bond

Watched a couple of clips from Goldfinger and decided that I felt like listening to Shirley Bassey. So here for your pleasure are some tunes by the lady and a few others that I felt like throwing in.
GET THE PARTY STARTED- Shirley Bassey (Not her best, but...)
History Repeating-Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey
Goldfinger- Shirley Bassey
Diamonds Are Forever- Shirley Bassey
Intermission- Casino Royale Chase scene
I hear this and I go looking for my tux and my gun.
You Only Live Twice- Nancy Sinatra
For Your Eyes Only- Sheena Easton ( I really disliked this song, among the worst to grace the Bond films.
Nobody Does It Better -Carly Simon (One of my favorite Bond songs.)
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therapydoc said...

Isn't she marvelous? Thanks for the reminder.

Jack said...

She is fun.