October 26, 2008

My Neighbor Loves His Motorcycle

A neighbor of mine recently purchased a motorcycle. Each night he serenades us by repeatedly gunning the engine and then riding up and down the street.

The first couple of times it wasn't a big deal. From time to time to we all make a bit of noise. We try to be good neighbors, but I am sure that we're guilty of something. Every now and then we have a party or play the stereo with the windows open.

But motorcycle boy has pushed past the point at which you can easily ignore inconsiderate actions. Motorcycle boy has zoomed right to the point at which I like to imagine inserting a broomstick into his spokes or alternatively leave a rope tied across the street.

Now some of you are wondering why I haven't just complained to motorcycle boy about the noise. I am glad that you asked because here is the rub. I haven't figured out which house motorcycle boy lives in. I think that he lives behind my house.

We have good size yard, so that should give you a sense of how loud motorcycle boy is revving the engine. Anyway, I haven't been able to figure out which house motorcycle boy calls home. If he were on my street I'd just walk outside and look, but he isn't.

And the last occasion upon which motorcycle boy played with his toy found me dressed inappropriately for conversing about noise. So thus far he has escaped the conversation.

But what I really want to know is if the neighbors who live closest to him are deaf.

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Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

It's people like "motorcycle boy" that are really causing problems in the motorcycling community. They think that the loud pipes sound cool, and some think that they save lives by calling attention to themselves on the road. (ummm, you realize the pipes face towards the REAR of the bike, most of the danger is in FRONT, and that the people in cars have their windows rolled up, the radio cranked up, the kids screaming in the back, etc.?)

It's because of modifications like these that our rights are being taken away in various places. For example, in Denver, it's now illegal to have anything but stock pipes on your bike. NYC recently enacted new requirements about how far away from the bike sounds of various levels can be. And there are even some places that ban motorcycles altogether. But you don't see them going after old cars, broken mufflers, etc. No, just the bikes.

My aunt's second husband asked me why all motorcycles have to be so loud. I fired up my bike... it has a quiet purr to it. He said the people across the street from them have very loud bikes, and fire them up early Saturday and Sunday mornings, and he wanted to get bikes banned. I convinced him that instead of going after all motorcycles, he should instead focus on noise ordinances, and violations of that.

Anyway, hope you are able to get your neighbor to pipe down a bit (ugh, bad pun, sorry).

Jack said...


Eventually I'll find that guy. I have a whole supply of bananas to use on his pipes. ;)

Laura said...

I'm sorry you are going through this problem. I think motorcycles are cool, and if I had more guts as a girl, I would ride one too. I don't know, there's something about some of them that are just attractive and neat in their design to want to try out (such as the Suzuki V-Strom 650).

I have am having the same problem as well. A neighbor around my area loves to rev up his engine so loud, there's no doubt the RPM is real high.

I really hate it when he passes by our street and races around the block with it. You could hear it from more then eight blocks away, lol. Like you, I haven't figured out where he lives, although I suspect who it might be just one block down the street.

If I talk to the guy, I just don't want to confront the wrong one, lol. I really wish they would be more considerate of their neighbors and understand they don't live in an area of people obsessed with how loud a motorcycle should sound!

My nextdoor neighbor also drives a motorcycle, but he's awesome about it and never revs up his engine to an insane degree. Hell, I could hear the other cycle guy at 1:30 to 2:20 in the morning far away at night!

Doesn't he know that he violating noise ordinance and waking up neighbors on the busy street??

I am thinking of talking to the neighbor if I find out who exactly it is (but in tactful way). Like a previous poster stated, find out if the cycle guy is violating the local noise ordinance.

Ask around the block if other neighbors are being bothered by his engine revving. Call law enforcement if you have to, but that may be a last resort.

If he wants to drag race his motorcycle, he should do it around the industrial areas of the city or business streets where no residential homes are (hopefully the cops don't catch him doing it, lol.) Or even join race track club that does it outside city limits, away from everyone else!

Neighbors like him should be less self-centered and learn to abide by the laws of society. No freedom comes without rules. Good luck and I hope you find out who is disrupting your peace and quiet.