September 24, 2008

Using The Blog to Make Money

My Right Word deserves credit for tipping me off to this report about blogging which says that there are more than a million blog posts a day. Here in the U.S. more than 77 million people a day visit blogs.

"Blogging has certainly “arrived”, said Technorati’s chief executive Richard Jalichandra, via VentureBeat. “Blogs are media. That is the difference now. They are as relevant as the
New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. The blogger with 5,000 readers may be just as credible a source of information for those 5,000 people as anyone else.”

And how many unique readers does it take to make serious money out of a blog? According to Technorati’s report, a blogger can earn around $75,000 a year with a unique audience of 100,000. The mean annual revenue from blogging, however, is somewhat more sobering at just $6,000
which isn’t too bad when annual investment in a blog costs, on average, $1,800."

Obviously most bloggers are not making anywhere close to $75K a year, but the point is that you can and that is part of what interests me. For those of you who are rolling your eyes in disbelief let's talk about advertising for a moment and how you can obtain some of those ad dollars.

Advertisers are interested in eyeballs. They want to find the most cost effective manner to distribute their message. Blogs can be an excellent venue for doing this. Here is a rough draft of how to do it:

1) Pick a topic and start populating your blog with content related to said topic.
2) Build up a readership. Comments can be used as an effective tool to demonstrate audience interest and awareness.
3) Use tools to develop an audience profile that you can present to prospective advertisers.
4) Sell ads, make money, retire. Don't forget to send old Jack a couple of bucks as a
thank you.
Clearly that is a very rough outline and you can safely assume that it will require hard work to make your blog into a real money maker. But the real point is that it is possible. Not possible in the sense of "it is possible that one day I might take a rocket ship into outer space."

No this is possible in the sense of "if I save money I can take a vacation." Simply put, it can be done. So what are you waiting for.


Soccer Dad said...

I don't come close to the $6000 either.

When I checked out Blogads, it basically says, that if you don't get 1000 hits a day, no one will want to advertise.

Jack said...

I think that BlogAds is trying to avoid working with smaller fish.

If they are working on selling ads on an impression basis a smaller site is problematic.

The issue is that they probably will not have much inventory so consequently it turns into a very small ad buy.

Small ad buy means small profit, but could mean a lot of work for little return.

Hence they don't want to deal with it.

Smiley Heart said...

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Nayanepalnews said...

Well I think I surely don't know how to make money of off Google.what I don't understand is one day I got 200 page impressions and managed to make big $1.56 where as today I got more than 700 page impressions yet $0 in my Google ad sense revenue what is this? Help me out guys