September 23, 2008

There is Water in My Ear

There is water in my left ear, courtesy of my shower. If you ever wondered if I had anything between my ears this water is proof that I do. It won't come out. I hear it swirling around back and forth.

It is making me crazy, this water in my ear. I tried to expel it by leaning to the left. After five minutes I began to worry that the cramp in my neck would never go away. David Blaine gets paid for performance art, like hanging upside down.

I don't, I just get irritated. Tried shaking my head, but aside from making rattling noises not much happened.

Pinched my nostrils shut and blew. Cleared out the right ear, but the left is still clogged with this infernal liquid. It makes me want to say Y$&***U#$*$%&*$#$. Oops, I just said #^&#&Y#^. Damn, did it again.

Reminds me of Macbeth, "Out damned spot."

Tried jumping up and down, but no luck. Heading out to take care of some business. With any luck this crap will be over soon. Ugh.


chaviva said...

You'd have thought we would have evolved enough by now for such things not to happen, right? Alas!

SuperRaizy said...

Try turning a hair dryer to low and blow the warm air directly into your ear canal. This works sometimes.

One Wink at a Time said...

Good luck with this, Jack. Not sure if you know this... My husband has Meniere's Disease. He often has the sensation of water in his ears, but coupled with pressure and/or ringing. I don't know how he stands it most of the time.
He does, however, say "#^&#&Y#^" a lot. Save yourself the trouble. It doesn't work. ;-P

Jack said...


Evolution, shmevolution. ;)


Thanks, I'll try that.


It may not work, but it feels better. ;)

Kayls said...

my brother is a surfer so as you can imagine, water in ears is something of an everyday occurance...solution...there is a method of twisting a tissue that i'm finding difficult to discribe...and possibly the first topic of my new (you-inspired) blog..that works everytime! i'll give you my blog address when i've managed to describe it!

Jack said...

Ok. Keep me posted.