Talk Like a Pirate Day

I be lazy this year. This be a retread. Arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahoy there matey! It is Talk Like a Pirate Day ARGHHHHHHHH! I dost have a pirate name. Call me Captain Jack- One-eared Dog the Damned. Grab some grog and check out the many posts about pirates that have graced the Shack.
Haveil Havalim- The Once & Future Edition- Contains a Pirate Post.
Do You Have An Accent

Pirate Attacks Down Sharply

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day

The Jewish Pirates of The Caribbean
P.S. If you dost be a slacker you can use the English-to-Pirate translator or face the pointy end of my cutlass.


Sarah Likes Green said...

yo ho, yo ho, a poiratessss loif fo' meeeeeeeeeeeeee...

wotchit... that's me RUUUM...


One Wink at a Time said...

Tis the second bloody year in a row that aye find meself fergettin' this day. Tis one o' me favrits an' aye can't wrap me head aroun' jus' why aye let meself do it agin! Bloody hell.
Could ye mebee remind me when it comes around agin? Aye'll be ferever in yer debt, Matey.

Jack Steiner said...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh to both of ye squirrelly wenches.

One Wink at a Time said...

I kin honestly say I ha' never bin called a "squirrelly wench." Not ta' meh face, anyways.
C'mere 'n let me draw ya a pint!

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