HH 183- Lost But Found Again

Welcome to Haveil Havalim #183, the best of the Jewish/Israeli Blogosphere. This is a weekly blog carnival in which we cover a variety of topics including but not limited to Personal, Political (Domestic and World), Judaism and much more.

This edition is called Lost But Found Again because of technical difficulties that occurred during production. I won't bore you with details, other than to say that music helped relax me so that I could reconstruct my work.

For those who are interested here is a short snapshot of what I listened to:
Mansions of The Lord
Crying- Roy Orbison
I Drove All Night- Roy Orbison
The Thrill is Gone- B.B. King
While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles
5th Symphony-Shostakovich
Adagio for Strings, op.11- Samuel Barber (This is the 9-11 tribute, very powerful.)
Ten Years Kashmir II-Corner Stone Cues
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack Part 8- Howard Shore
And now on to the carnival. If you have any questions please feel free to place them in the comments of email talk-to-jacknow-at-sbcglobal-dot-net.


Seraphic Secret covered The Hacking of Sarah Palin. Israpundit says Mess with Sarah at your peril.

From Daled Amos: Sarah Palin Disinvited From Rally--And The Games Politicians Play.

Jill at Writes Like She Talks blogged RJC’s “message test” on Jews heavily debated by Dems, GOP.

The Hashmonean shared Poll This: Obama behind negative Jewish polling?

Dry Bones offered Conventional Thinking. Meryl says that Democrats threaten to kneecap Jewish nonprofits.

There is plenty more on the Dems. WestBankMama thinks that More “Recovering Democrats” Surface and Bookworm is among those Questioning whether Hillary will be the October surprise.

Lenny Ben David shared Things you never knew about LBJ.

Bernie covered Mayors in Underwear and Muslim Culture.

Joshuapundit is ready to say Bye Bye,Britain. Tel Chai Nation told us that UK's youngest terrorist to date jailed.

Michael Totten covered Al Qaeda's Defeat in Iraq. Daniel Pipes discussed whether a Counterinsurgency war can be won.

Over at LGF you can read Iraqis Want to Prosecute Politician Who Went to Israel.

The Elder can tell you why Disney might feel a bit nervous, Saudi cleric: Mickey Mouse must die!

Mere Rhetoric says US Public Diplomacy - Winning Arab Hearts And Minds By Promising To Sell Out Israel

The Blog just might be full of crap, but it is worth reading Without a prayer.

The Fiery Spirited Zionist blogged about Yale Radicals and Elisson issued his own command, TAKE YOUR MEDICINE.

EOW discussed This Islamic obsession with goodwill to all mankind

Anecdotes: Just what are they teaching at The War College.

Balabusta in Blue Jeans has words for Dennis Prager in The Doctrine According to Bush.


The Blogosphere had plenty to say about Lauren Booth's visit to Gaza. Check out the following:

Aussie Dave thinks that Lauren Booth has been well fed. Pajamas Media presents Tony Blair’s Sister-in-Law’s Gaza Media Circus.

MyRightWord has some advice for Lauren Booth about using cell phones and is upset at blog censorship at the Jerusalem Post.

Judeopundit shared IRNA today: "Zionists are infidel" and more!

Rafi knows that it is all a matter of perspective. Joe Settler says it was A Healthy Reaction, but he is not talking about Jameel's waffles.

Mom in Israel wrote about her daughter's High School In Israel.

Smooth Stone shared The Myth of al-Aqsa: The Holiness of Jerusalem to Islam Has Always Been Politically Motivated.

Yoni The Blogger says that we should Be Afraid.

According to Soccer Dad Jealous arabs make the best peace partners. Speaking of peace Seraphic Secret shared Peace Now Activist No Longer.

Shira is Of two minds on the two-state solution. R.R. is looking for A new era?

It would be a bit hokey to link to All You Need is Love before these next few posts. Instead I'll give you Band on The Run as the lead in to the Rabbi Yonah's Will McCartney risk his life to play in Tel Aviv?

SuperRaizy was prepared with Don't Threaten My Beatle!

Chayyei Sarah wants you to Meet Liz.

Our next blogger shares a name with my favorite beagle, Snoopy shared Israel: too many prophets and no king and Caroline, Tzipi, Bibi, frustration...

Esser Agaroth blogged Jerusalem Demonstration In Support Of Ami Meshulam and his family.

Over at Jerusalemite you can enjoy a conversation with Laizy Shapira, Srugim director. Dan at Tzipiyah is watching Srugim and says No is also an answer.

Toby found a sign.

I know more than one person who thinks that you have to be crazy to live in Israel. I don't know if I agree with that, but to be a fan of some teams requires an affinity for pain. There is a reason why the Cubbies are the way they are. But what do I know.

Go read life in israel ... as a cubs fan.

Benji is always in search of some excitement. Go read What Hurricane Zone???: When Boarding the House Goes Awry and I'm Alive...and Maybe I'm Becoming Israeli.

LOZ has the story of the 19th Child Born to Tzefat Mother. Bar Kochba presents Addicted to Victimhood.

This video has generated more than a little bit of controversy.

Rahel shared a tale about citizen activism and the Raggedys say that they run into Israelis all over the world.


In New York there is a thing going on with the Hotties and Hasids. At Emes Ve-Emunah there is a question Should Orthodoxy Promote Social Justice?

Jewish Atheist discussed The Necessity of Sheltering Orthodox Children.

The Rebbetzin's Husband has thoughts about The Agunah Crisis and “End of Life” issues and Rabbinic Insecurity.

MyRightWord manages to see the Jewish element in a visit Madonna made to a Church in Rome and Esser Agaroth shared Islam is Not Immune.

At Beyond BT they are Taking the Next Step in Teshuva while Orthonomics shared Love, Marriage, and Money.

From a Simple Jew Question & Answer With Moshe David Tokayer - Sfas Emes & Rebbe Nachman.

At the Augean Stables we learn that the Parisian Police Say that Attacks Are Not Antisemitic and Daled Amos wonders Why Are There Muslim Calls to Kill Jews on the USC Server.

Esser Agaroth presents The "Rebbe."

Cosmic X has Elul Thoughts #7: The Secret of Happiness and Elul Thoughts #4.

They have a response to Questions About Aviner.

I always enjoy learning things at Balashon. Today you can read about dod. Arejewtino conducted a social experiment.

You might want to check out The Jewish Internet Defense Force: Problematic YouTube Channels and Videos.

Schvach asks, Do You Really Think So? LOZ shared Throwing $ at the Shidduch "Crisis": An Explanation.

Live Immune presents Kabbalistic Speech & New Year and Avi blogged about How To Work On Your Character Traits.

A Hasid and a Heretic shared Im nin'alu -. Shira has words For those who think female leaders are immodest.

Rickismom presents The Torn/Missing “Dots” Communication Sheet. SuperRaizy wrote In Response.

Mottel presents A Walk in Old Montreal and Go Back to the Garden you were Picked From.
Gil typically doesn't send readers over to H.H, but maybe that is why he has his own roundup of reading.


The beauty of Haveil Havalim lies in the wealth of information and posts that are offered. On my own blog I shared When I Grow Up and I Talk In My Sleep.

The Ima shares Why Spin Instructors are Like Rabbis and LOZ shared A Perfect Husband/Father and Dealing With Sexual Predators.

Here in HP offers some helpful instruction with Images Inside Links.

Who knew that Jacob is really a dog.

Mochassid has the right idea about Quiet Time. Ask Shifra has had quiet time too, but for another reason.

Frume Sarah is playing The Game of Life. Ricki's Mom discussed The Reading Machine.

Gail is a proud mother. In the Pink offered Dear Lord.

Shira said the Bloggers' picnic turned into YCT mini-convention. Cosmic X is going Yellow.

Batya went to another blogging conference. She also shared how you can never plan for some things.

Ahuvah went to Tachlis2.0 as well.

New York's Funniest Rabbi presents I Miss Quigley while QuietusLeo presents "Lasts".

It is worth seeing Ilana Davita to take a look at Favorite Posts - Part I. Don't forget to talk to Batya about the next edition of J-Pix.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I am honored that you mentioned a post of mine. I like that postand got little feedback on it, so I really am pleases that you chose it evn though I didn't submit.

You did a great, organized and rich job. Glad it wasn't lost forever.


Jack Steiner said...

Wow,I am impressed that you responded so quickly. This post has barely been up. Thanks.

YMedad said...

Wow. Long and comprehensive and well-organized and it includes me, too (and three). Super.

By the way, we you be eating wagyu this Rosh Hashana? Here.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

i replied so quickly i didn't spell check - i also forgot that when i wanted to submit tonight this week it was too late and then i remembered that i had in fact submitted after the buzzer last week and that you kindly rolled it over.

thanks to selichot i am up. read all about it on my blog. extra! extra!

Batya said...

Great job! thanks

Leora said...

Jack, this is how I know an expert is running HH this week. I didn't submit anything, and there's a link to my teaching about links.

Great job.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Capital job! Thanks for inclusion and now I know what it is I have against dogs...

Anonymous said...

great job, as usual. thanks for the link! have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Jack.

aliyah06 said...

Great job!! I'm impressed - organized and easy to follow, lots of good stuff to read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - glad you enjoy the blog!

Jill said...

I love this carnival. Thanks for hosting and sorry for the technical difficulties - at least you didn't have to listen to muzak.

Cosmic X said...

Nice work, Jack.

IsraLuv said...

thanks for the mention in the post...

SuperRaizy said...

So nice of you to include two of my posts. Thank you.

Gail said...

Terrific issue of HH, Jack. Thanks very much for including a link to one of my posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,
Thanks so much for the inclusion :)

Smooth said...

Great roundup, Jack. I found some more great sites I didn't know about. Thanks for picking up my link, I really appreciate it, as always.

LEL said...

Thanks for the mention.

Baila said...

Very nice, Jack. You are the master!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me in this, Jack. Looks like my yarmukle finally came in handy.

Esser Agaroth said...


Better late than never. I was detained from executing my Sunday "support the HH host" duties.


You're fab, Jack.

Haveil Havalim Numero 183 Is Up

Jack Steiner said...


Wagyu sounds interesting. I'll look into it.


Selichot- I have such memories from one night at the Kotel.




Not an expert by any means, but maybe one day. ;)


Here is a milkbone. ;)


You too.


My pleasure. Save some Challah for me.


Glad you liked it.


You do a good job with it. Languages are interesting.


Listening to muzak is like being forced to live in Ohio, especially cleveland. ;)

Cosmic X,



Happy to do it.




You're one of the old timers. You deserve it.




Keep up the good work.




Not a master, just a regular guy.




Thank you. I'll have Jameel send you some waffles.

Rahel Jaskow said...

Thank you for a great Carnival, Jack!

Esser Agaroth said...



YMedad said...

was that last collective thanks a mini-HH?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link; I'm a bit late but somehow thought I had commented before!

Jewish Atheist said...

Thanks for the link!

Questions About Aviner said...


Thank you for the inclusion.

Haveil Havalim #183

Lady-Light said...

Nice job, even though I didn't submit anything: clear & easy to follow (with some cool remarks next to the links; groovy.)
Please correct the spelling of my blog name on your blogroll; should be Tikkun Olam with 2 Ks. Thanks, and shanah tovah.

Religion and State in Israel said...

thanks for last week's post.

any way to get on the blogroll?

Joel Katz

Religion and State in Israel


Jack Steiner said...

any way to get on the blogroll?

We'll review it.

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