Dear Tooth Fairy Part II

Part one can be found here.

So I have confirmed that the boy is serious about having a sitdown with the fairy. A short time ago I found that he had set up an elaborate trap that he planned to use to capture the fairy. I wish that I could show you a picture, but it wouldn't make sense to you.

In fact the only reason it made sense to me was that one time when I was playing with him he built the trap with me to capture the "monster." So having seen the trap before I knew exactly what i was and why it was there.

It made me smile. The kid has the same one track mind that I do. Once he decides to do something you need to get with the program or get out of the way. Anyway, the trap got me thinking about what the fairy looks like.

You can blame this upon Disney, but I always imagined the fairy as having the ability to fly. Assuming that my image of the fake fairy is accurate the trap won't work. It is located on the floor so the fairy will just fly over it.

But, I can't say that my son's idea of the fairy matches my own. So I need to confer with the lad and ask. The whole thing makes me chuckle. I am trying to help improve his trap to catch the fake fairy. But then again maybe he figures that this trap will prove that it is one or both of his parents.

After all, if you can't fly you'll probably get tripped up in the trap and voila, the fairy is caught. Something tells me that he has watched Scooby Doo one time too many.


Leora said...

Thanks for the reminder. My daughter lost her first tooth on Sunday night. We can't find it. I just stuck a dollar under her pillow (I used to get 25 cents when I was a kid). Luckily, she's still asleep. First day of first grade coming up... I don't think she has any knowledge of a tooth fairy.

Originally From Brooklyn said...

At this point I would have just said right out, "Kid, there is no tooth fairy. It really is just me and your mom. Enjoy the money, but there are somethings that you can't keep in life. Those include dead skin, body fluid, and teeth that have fallen out after you get some cash for them."

EndOfWorld said...

No! Don't kill his imagination! Let him have fun. This is a chance to do some serious bonding with your kid and create awesome childhood memories.

Plus, when he's older and has to write a memoir for school, he'll have something interesting to write about. I wish my parents would have done this with me...would have made writing english essays easier

Jack Steiner said...

Twenty-five cents was the going rate for me as well.


You clearly don't have kids.


That is what we're trying to do.

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