Relationships Change

I had intended to write this clever post about computers and relationships. I was going to do this bit about how I had to buy a new computer and how it impacted my relationship with my old computer.

And then I was going to do some sort of story that was similar to the one Dr. Seuss did about the Sneetches, but I am far too tired.

Not quite tired enough to say that Windows Vista aggravates me. It works and in a number of ways it works well. But it has enough idiosyncratic crap to make me dislike it. I need to make a point to spend some more time reviewing the manual.

In the interim I'll stop bitching and try to catch some shut eye.


orieyenta said...

Oh boy...Windows Vista. Don't get me started on that one. I think it was a bad move for MIcrosoft because it makes me want to go and buy a Mac and I know I am not alone. Good luck with that my friend.

Anonymous said...

I own a Mac, a MacBook Pro, which came after an Imac, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, almost!

Esser Agaroth said...


A comment on your title:

Counselor Troi said that "Relationships are constantly changing."

If you don't know who Con. Troi is, then I suppose I'll have to remove you from my blog roll.

Comments on your post:

I have three stars on my belly. The first book I ever read cover to cover was Hop On Pop.

When Dr. Seuss died ('93?), it was
like a semi day of mourning at the school where I was working, including some informal eulogies.

Come away from the dark side [of the Force]. Get a Mac already. No spyware, almost no viruses, no problem.

Jack Steiner said...

Vista is making me just a bit crazy.


I like the Macs, but I am not happy with the way MS Office works.


I like the original better, Kirk was the man.

And who said that you aren't the one on the Dark Side. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jack: When I have had enough of MS office, I use NeoOffice a Mac OS X office software.

EndOfWorld said...

Vista, vista, vista, how I hate thee. My brother thought he was doing us a favor by updating us to Vista. Instead, it messed up half of our programs and wouldnt let the other half run. Ahhh, technology

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