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Confession of the Day

I had nightmares after watching the video below. I couldn't believe that my hero, Steve Austin, The Bionic Man couldn't take this hairy beast from cleveland. It is a good thing that I was only 20 or I'd really be embarrassed about sharing this with you.

Did I mention that because of shows like this I have always wanted to have my movements accompanied by sound effects. It would be really cool if every time I run or jump or punch something there was some kind of appropriate noise to go along with it.


Anonymous said…
Ah, where have all the bionic men gone?
Oh, how could I have forgotten the Bigfoot! And FWIW, my husband does make those sound effect noises to accompany his own movements. It's one of the reasons I married him. Geeky sound effects are hot.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to (virtually) meet you.
Jack Steiner said…

They have been outsourced to India.


Your husband has a good sense of humor.