Soon to Be Appearing at: First International Jewish Bloggers Conference

Yes, folks that is right old Jack is going to be leaving on a jet plane to attend the First International Jewish Bloggers Conference.

I am going to have the privilege of taking a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight to Israel alongside some new olim. As part of the festivities I'll take some time to speak with one of the families and provide you with a glimpse as to who they are and why they decided to make aliyah.

After the flight I'll tool on over to the First International Jewish Bloggers Conference in Yerushalayim. It ought to be great, 5 people speaking and a 1000 attendees with their heads bent over anxiously typing away as they live blog the conference.

Now if I only can find a cool happy face mask, like the one the guy below is wearing. ;)


Elder of Ziyon said...

Oh, am I jealous!

Have fun!

Leora said...

Lucky you!

Here's how you can make the face in Photoshop:
1) open a new document
2) make the background yellow
3) create a new layer
4) using the select tool, create a selection of a circle
5) fill with black
6) using a paintbrush, create the eyes in a new layer

Save and print. Tada!

frumhouse said...

This sounds wonderful! Enjoy your time there. I look forward to reading about it!

Jack Steiner said...




Thanks for the tip.



cruisin-mom said...

wow Jack, I just finished reading Robert's post about exciting for you!!!! Congrats and enjoy this special trip

Jack Steiner said...

Hi CM,


Another meshugannah mommy said...

Have a fantastic trip - I am looking forward to reading your posts.

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