July 08, 2008

Pokemon- The Confession

Within the last six months my son has turned into a Pokemon fanatic. I should clarify that it is the card game that he and his pals have gotten into.

The big guy loves the game and wants to play it regularly, with me. Ok, I love to play games with him, most games, that is. I am having trouble getting into Pokemon. In fact, I just don't like it.

That is not to say that I dislike it, but it is not high on my list. I keep trying to get into it, I want to. I really want to, but...

Sorry Little Jack, it is just not for me. The good news is that we have a million other things that we do like to do together.


SuperRaizy said...

I'm not sure you have a choice, Jack. Once Pokemon moves into your house, it's there to stay. I have been living with Ash and Pikachu for nearly 10 years now. I am astonished at their staying power. We have hundreds of cards, a dozen little figurines, about 8 videos, 10 books, and 2 Pokeballs, despite the fact that I vowed that I would never spend money on "this nonsense". I have learned to see the positive side- this is a game that the kids are always willing to play together, and their friends love it too. It's infinitely better than televisio and video games. And my book-hating daughter is always willing to sit down with a Pokemon book.

Leora said...

>The good news is that we have a million other things that we do like to do together
Glad you've got a million! I can think of maybe three things I do with my eldest son:
1) fix our computer systems together
2) he sometimes recommends books to me
3) I cook for him. Sometimes he makes the family dessert (chocolate cake).
Pokemon came and went here. No sign of anything lasting.

dailypiglet said...

it's good to know that others dislike that thing too.

i've never liked, always had an adamant dislike for it without knowing why.

Jack said...


The exterminator claims that he can kill the Pokemon bug with a water based pesticide. Maybe I should tell him that it is not a real bug.


Actually it is two million, but I didn't want to brag. ;)


Parents have to stick together.