July 16, 2008

More On Murderer's Injustice

Shira has done a nice job of putting together a roundup of thoughts about the shameful release of those murderers today.

I'll add Seraphic Secret's post “Swap Teaches Us to Kidnap More” to the mix.

In my initial post about this And Murderers Are Set Free I voiced some of my disgust and distaste about the shameful behavior of the Israeli government in releasing these murderers.

I very badly for the Goldwasser and Regev families, but the government had solid intelligence that suggested that they were dead a long time ago. The confirmation of their deaths is a tragedy that is multiplied by the release of those who wish to murder again.

From CNN:

Once in Beirut, convicted murderer Samir Kuntar -- who was the longest-held Lebanese prisoner in Israel -- told a crowd of thousands he'd continue to fight for the liberation of the Palestinian territories.

"I return today from Palestine, but believe me, I return to Lebanon only in order to return to Palestine," Kuntar said.

There you go Israel, he has made another blood oath. Fulfill your responsibility to your people and to your citizens and take him out before he has a chance to do anything.

Uphold your obligation and do the right thing. Men such as him forfeit their rights to life.


Debbie said...

I couldn't even post on it, it is so upsetting. Those murdering terrorist thugs that were set FREE. Makes me sick.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Jack said...

Me too, me too.

Michael said...

Sadly, Jack, our gov't lacks the self respect to do that.

The general thought here, of the 'buy on the street,' is that we need Golda. She was more of a man that Olmert and his cronies will ever be.

Jack said...


That is very sad.