July 25, 2008

Goodbye Randy Pausch

CNN shared the sad news that Randy Pausch has died. You may recall that I blogged about him this past April in a post called The Last Lecture- Remarks of a Dying Man.

The most important part of that post is the YouTube video of his presenting his Last lecture. It is well worth watching again so I'll repost it at the bottom of this entry. Before I do let me share an excerpt from the CNN obituary.

"Pausch was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer in September 2006. His popular last lecture at Carnegie Mellon in September 2007 garnered international attention and was viewed by millions on the Internet.

In it, Pausch celebrated living the life he had always dreamed of instead of concentrating on impending death.

"The lecture was for my kids, but if others are finding value in it, that is wonderful," Pausch wrote on his Web site. "But rest assured; I'm hardly unique."

The book "The Last Lecture," written with Jeffrey Zaslow, leaped to the top of the nonfiction best-seller lists after its publication in April and remains there this week. Pausch said he dictated the book to Zaslow, a Wall Street Journal writer, by cell phone. The book deal was reported to be worth more than $6 million.

At Carnegie Mellon, he was a professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design, and was recognized as a pioneer of virtual reality research. On campus, he became known for his flamboyance and showmanship as a teacher and mentor.

The speech last fall was part of a series Carnegie Mellon called "The Last Lecture," where professors were asked to think about what matters to them most and give a hypothetical final talk. The name of the lecture series was changed to "Journeys" before Pausch spoke, something he joked about in his lecture."

Watch the video, it is really worth the time.


SuperRaizy said...

That's really sad. I watched his speech, it was wonderful, and I just bought my friend his book as a gift. It's nice that he managed to wring something positive from his tragedy.

Debbie said...

This is sad, but he has a great legacy and his family and friends should be proud.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

fvclassic said...

shalom, farewell and amen... i'd just gotten over the news on tony snow... amazing gifts they leave us with

gp in montana

Baila said...

He seemed like a really fantastic person. I find it hard to watch his video now.

Jack said...


He seemed to be a real mensch.


I suppose that if you have to die young a great legacy is something to be proud of.


He left us with some important thoughts to consider.


It would have been nice to have known him.