July 06, 2008

The Endless Weekend is Over

It was a busy, busy day. Spent untold hours in the garage assembling shelves and sorting through crap, clutter and chaos. There is nothing like the three C's to make your day. As I sit here puttering at the 'puter it occurs to me that I can consider this to have been a productive day.

Back in my heyday I would have said that I'd prefer to be reproductive than productive, but, aww who am I fooling. I am still in my heyday. Oh Captain, my captain, I shall let loose with my own Barbaric Yawp.

Listen to me roar and let my enemies tremble. Ok, one of these days I'll have to tell the story of the time I got in a fist fight in high school tried to intimidate the other guy by screaming at him. It didn't work so well. He hit me in the mouth.

But what did work was not falling down. I suspect that he wet his pants when I didn't turn tail and flee. And now these many years I can turn a different sort of tale.

Drove by the ruins of my old apartment building and stared at the framework of a new condo complex. I had neighbors who smoked so much marijuana I suspect that 13 years later the construction workers are going to get a contact high.

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therapydoc said...

This is a wonderful thing, declaring war on the three C's. Good for the body (3 Advil with food, ask your doctor but 2 are never enough)and soul and makes you shower toute de suite (right away). All good.

Debbie said...

It was a long weekend and I couldn't get my hubby to do one productive thing. He's a sweetie and love of my life, ... but he's not a 'handy man' at home. I may have to hire somebody to do my 'honey do's'

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Jack said...


It is a war with no end in sight.


I can do a fair amount of things with my hands, but I lean towards hiring someone who does that sort of work.

They tend to do it faster and better than I do it. Time is precious, so I usually don't mind paying.