June 15, 2008

Live Blogging Game 5 Lakers-Celtics

Live blogging the first quarter of the Lakers-Celtics game. Once again the Lakers are dominating the game. Once again I shake my head and my fist and beg the purple and gold to give their fans 48 minutes of this energy/intensity.

I hate the celtics and can't stand the idea of losing to them. It is one thing to lose to a superior team, but they are not. They simply are not better. But they have done a better job of maintaining intensity and playing with hunger and desire.

That combination puts them over the top. Truth is that I don't dislike these guys with the same intensity as I did during the '80s, but those players you loved to hate. These guys, not so much. Still that doesn't mean that I want them to lose any less.

The hated ones haven't won a championship in 22 years. There is a reason for that and let's hope that they wait another 22 years.

Still, the chances of that are slim. The Lakers inconsistent behavior has placed them in a very tough position. If they come back and win the series that will help mitigate the sting of that last loss. Win the series and no one will talk about that loss, lose and you guys get to play goat for years to come.


therapydoc said...

Sports take it out of you. If the Cubs don't win the pennant this year some heads will have to roll. (So I hope you're not a Dodger fan, Jack)

My machetainista thinks that all the other teams should just let the Cubs have it. 100 years. Every 100 years.

Jack said...

I am indeed a Dodger fan, but unlike the Cubs the Dodgers have won a few titles in my lifetime.

Does Steve Bartman still live in Chicago or has he been forced to flee the city. ;)