June 17, 2008

Keywords For The Week of June 16

I meant to run this yesterday. Here is a partial list of the keywords that were used to find the old blog. Some of these are just really bizarre.

bonsai kitty
worlds fastest 95 year old man
meaning of obsessed
meaning for penis
do you swallow meaning
mathematical sciences meanings
origin of the liger
take it, take it, now smell it
if i am not for myself, then who is for me?
jim croce operator lyrics meaning
teachers thoughts on homework
what's the meaning of led zeppelin hey hey what ca
the wiggles greeting cards
scooby doo audio clip
saturday night live cheeseburger skit
meaning of hugs
election prediction model
how to deal with failure
woman stuffs snake down pants
nesiah tovah
apple computers vs. pc
characters in thank you jackie robinson
meaning of courtesy
jack, why are there eight twisted and bent paper clips on your desk?
does true love ever die?
meaning of schnappi
what to say to a man during phone sex
how do men urinate
when to leave a loveless marriage
soulmates aren't real
one more kiss and june will be mine forever

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