Guitar Hero

I am not a musician. I don't play any instruments least of all guitar, but I have always wanted to learn how.

This past weekend I discovered that I am one of the millions of people who love playing Guitar Hero. It is a video game in which you replace the joystick with a guitar and play along with popular rock tunes.

While I was familiar with the game and knew basically what it was I had never had the chance to play it. Frankly until I tried it I hadn't had much if any interest at all in it. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was.

For those who are curious about which version I played it was Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It wasn't easy for me, I need some practice time. Had a little trouble with Walk This Way, did better with Sweet Emotion and not too bad with Dream On. Still, it is going to be a while before anyone mistakes me for an expert.

And given that I don't own a system that I can play the game on it is probably going to be a while before I get time to devote to it. But I can see spending a few bucks on this at some point in time.


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

I love playing, but am absolutely no good at it. I have yet to actually get through a song without being booed off.

I do really well in the beginning, but as is my tendency, I get really distracted by all the stuff in the background and can't focus.

Jack Steiner said...

I haven't played enough not to get booed off stage, but if I actually get some time to practice who knows.

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