The Best Break Up Songs Continued

Hi folks,

I am still soliciting submissions to The Best Break Up Songs post from earlier this week. Here is a partial list:
On My Own from Les Miserables
Split Screen Sadness by John Mayer
What Was it Like by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Now you see me - Lee Ann Womack
The Grand Tour - George Jones
Who says your can't have it all - Alan Jackson
Alway something there to remind me - Naked Eyes
Give me some more. What else should be included here.


Soccer Dad said...

I can see for miles - The Who
Red Rubber Ball - The Cyrkle

Anonymous said...

anything air supply - specifically I'm all out of love

"i'm lying alone with my head on the phone, thinking of you till it hurts......."

bigwhitehat said...

"They just don't write em like that anymore."

The sad thing is that you get that. Geezer.

Jack Steiner said...


I have to admit that I never thought of that song ( I Can See For Miles) as a break up song, but it makes sense.


Ouch. Air Supply hurts my ears.


Geezer, thus spaketh the old man from Texas. ;)

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