HH #165 Happy 60th Birthday Israel

Convergence. That is the word that comes to mind. Too many events, too many holidays, not to mention my 39th birthday. Every time I look in the mirror I am shocked that I don't see some 20 year-old looking back at me.

A couple more notes before we get into the meat of the carnival. If you are in need of an idea for a Mother's Day Gift I have a few ideas.

1) Purchase one of the albums listed here.
2) If your mother is like this woman you might buy her an Emily Post book.
3) One of the inventions in this post might be right for your mom.
4) More stuff you just can(not) live without.

That should do it for now. If I come up with anything else I'll let you know. Be sure to check back throughout the day as I will continue to update this.

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I am sorry that I missed out on the big barbecue at The Pina Chama. JTown Underground offered Happy 60th BBQ!! Speaking of barbecues Benji writes that his body is now 50% hamburger.

From Meryl On Israel’s 60th birthday: Optimism.

More birthday wishes can be found with Chris Matthews Wishes Israel a Happy Anniversary.

An exhilirating pictoral post from Mevaseret Zion on Israel's 60th. Daled Amos has a cool Repost For Yom Ha'Atzmaut: Israel Meme Roundup.

Crossing The Rubicon provided Israel at 60.

The Waffle King is Unapologetically Zionist. The Rebbetzin's Husband says I am TOO a Zionist!

EOZ suggests that you read the Daily Alert's collection of articles.

Tzipiyah shared Remember, today: Yom HaSho'ah, Yom HaZikaron, Yom Ha'Atzma'utּ.

On The Face provided Israel at 60: Zeh Mah Yesh. Sara K shared Israel at 60 - An Oleh's Perspective.

Ima on and off The Bima has a list of 13 Things I Love About Israel. Shira asks Would you Know a Miracle.

Tikkun Olam says
*Yom Ha'atzma'ut ha-60 Sameach!

At Oleh Musings they are All Blue and White. Oleh Girl presents Ya la la la, Happy 60th, Israel!!!

Aussie Dave shared Reasons to Love Israel #467. Baila doesn't have 467 reasons, instead she shared As Promised.....Sixty Things I Love About Living in Israel and 22,437.

DutchBlog shared Independence Day 2008 in Haifa. One Jerusalem shared Israel@60 In Pictures.

Israpundit offered

Gilly discussed celebrating from afar in Celebrating 60.

Ask Batya how
Shiloh Celebrates Sixty!

The Sephardic Perspective provided Sephardic Contributions to the Development of the State of Israel.

This falls into the category of better late than never How to Celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut (Even If You're Not in Israel).

You can read one bloggers thoughts about Yom Ha-atzma’ut at Jewschool. From Elms In The Yard you can read When Israel Was Four.

On my blog I offered Audio fragments from Entebbe Operation Released.

Fiery Spirited Zionist shared The Real Story of Israel's Founding. Freedom's Cost offered Realpolitik and Israel’s 60th

Tel Chai Nation says Recently
opened archives show Arabs left Israel in 1940s and were not driven out

Jewneric has Musings on Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

From Daled Amos More Palestinians Are Killed Than Israelis--But Look Behind The Numbers.

Esser Agaroth provided A Revolutionary Idea: "Hashemcracy"

Smooth shared A Reality Check as Israel Turns 60 and It's Not Apartheid.

Jewlicious blogged about iFest @ UCI.

Seraphic Secret shared 1948, Israel, the Palestinians: The True Story. Frume Sarah contributed It’s Not Your Decision!

From Esser Agaroth we have How The YeSh"A Council Thugs Celebrated Israeli Independence Day and Did I Stand For The Siren?

Bookworm shared A magnificent article about Israel.

It's Almost Supernatural says
Not Everyone is Celebrating Israel's 60th.

DovBear asks Is Israel a failure?

From the IRIS blog Peres: I Never Imagined Qassams After Disengagement.

Jihadwatch shared Israeli Leftist discovers jihad.

Mom In Israel has tips for Navigating an Israeli Supermarket. Soccer Dad has The necessary Jewish state.

Gila has Time. Some people should never be forgotten Eli Cohen The Hero of the Six-Day War.

Heichal HaNegina shared fascinating anecdotes about a Chassidic Rebbe's passionate love of the Land of Israel.

This Normal Life asks What Would Be The Worst Thing?

Treppenwitz asked Which Came First - Terrorism or "Occupation"?

The Right Truth shared

Lizrael has A Yom HaZicaron message or two and so does Lion of Zion. Life in Israel has a Yom Ha'Zikaron (video).

Leora presents Yom HaZikaron in Edison, NJ.

At The Aliyah Blog you can read Receiving a US-based Salary in Israel, Part II: Salaried Employee.

Someone get this guy a waffle. Or maybe you should just read You Know You're Israeli When...

Here are more thoughts on being Israeli.

My Right Word shared the story of Shmuel Katz z"l.

Don't forget to check out 60 Bloggers and all of their special Israel coverage. Yid with Lid has his own carnival about Israel too.


Steg discussed The Conversion Dilemma. Ezzie offered Why Be Jewish. Cross Currents says Not Everything is Bleak.

Sometimes Peace Is the Problem. Imshin offered More dossi stuff.

Friar Yid has Shoah Thoughts. At The Velveteen Rabbi you can enjoy This week's portion: Shall (Emor).

You might want to peruse Alto Artist's post, 669. Holiness. Here in HP told the story of Ilana Shafir, artist, survivor.

A Simple Jew continues his Q&A sessions with the following post: Question & Answer With Rabbi Dovid Sears - The Spiritual Supermarket Mentality.

The Rebbetzin's Husband blogged Rashi's Daughters: Joheved - Myths and Facts, Part I.

Mottel has a four part series Pesach in Germany I, Pesach in Germany II, Pesach in Germany III -Dachau and Pesach in Germany IV -In the Land of the Lightstones.

At Hirhurim you can read Why Be Jewish? ADDeRabbi discussed Jewish Commemorations on Specific Days of the Week.

Tzipporah wrote Fences and Fields - A Mother's Day Drasha. Shira explains what disturbs her at Not my favorite minhag (custom).

Frum Satire's post is explosive just read I like guns- and I think every Jew should own one!

At JewsbyChoice you can read the story of First Abayudaya Ugandan to Become a Rabbi.

Writes Like She talks provided Guess I Missed It Department: NYT ad by Evangelicals urges Jews to convert.

Rabbi Sedley shared Behar Summary. Bangitout has the latest in Running Skirts.

Dafnotes has Once a Nazir; Always a Nazir. Jewish Literary Review has a review of A graphic
novel about Algerian-Jewish life.


Dry Bones has Hezbollah at War. From EOZ we have Saudis give UK universities $30m for Islamic studies.

Yid With Lid provides his post on Why Jews MUST NOT Vote for Barack OBAMA.

Omri shared Swiss Diplomats Bankrolling Iranian Economy: Why's Israel So Pissed Off At Us?

Bookworm shared What I’ll be reading today. Samson Blinded says Never again, and again, and again.

Atlas Shrugs discussed Age Of Terror 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings Al Qaeda. From Boker Tov Boulder How 'bout ... NOT?

Attila has the post of the day, er should I say the visitor of the day.

Solomonia has Daniel Pipes and Yaron Brook on the Threat of Totalitarian Islam (Video) and Mock 'Checkpoint' on the UC Berkley Campus.

Gateway Pundit shared Sick!... Obama's Letter to Lebanon Echoes Hezbollah Talking Points and Obama Cans Advisor For Holding Talks With Hamas Terrorists.

Israel Matzav said 'European diplomats' blame Israel for Hezbullah victory and If the US and Israel have elections at the same time.

BTW, you might want to see what the Sandmonkey has got to say. He is an interesting cat, check out The Beirut Media dance.

SoccerDad has the results with Council speak 05/10/08. Joshuapundit suggests the following Worth Reading - Short Takes, 5/09/08.

Ask TherapyDoc about When CNN links to you. Mommy is going meshugah says NOW who needs a Hebrew Tutor????

Blue Collar Jew writes The Community Where I Live is Appalachia.

Batya shared For Those Who Still Live. Someone spent too much time watching Grease, Summer Nights.

From Schvach Look What I Got in the Mail. NY's Funniest Rabbi is having technical difficulties, HaRachaman Hu Yanchileinu.

IJN has a A mother's day rant.

The title of this blog and the post I linked to made me laugh. Ima Shalom proudly presents Top ten reasons to get punched in the face.

Here at my blog one of the most widely read posts of the last week is A Loveless Marriage.

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Leora said...

Great job, Jack. Wow, this is a lot of posts.

I found your "Loveless Marriage" post quite sad. Almost like people are in love with a feeling instead of a person? I don't know. I couldn't read all the comments, because so many expressed their unhappy relationships.

I look forward to reading these HH posts! Will link to HH soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack!

Thanks for including last night's post in HH. That was a nice suprise!. Will we see you at the Israel Festival next Sunday...it's not far from you I'm sure. :)

Esser Agaroth said...


That's a way cool, totally excellent edition!

Happy Birthday!

And, Jack? If you feel 19 or 20, enjoy it, guilt free!

Ad 120! I hope you like chocolate.

HH 165 is up

Baila said...

In Israel we say Mazal Tov! when someone has a birthday. So Mazal Tov to you, and to Israel (you're only 21 years younger than she is).

How do you get so many posts in???? It must take you hours. Don't you have to make a living, or are you one of those independently wealthy men I was hoping to marry, but didn't.

[And I hate it that I'm older than you.]

Right Truth said...

Thanks for the mention.

Happy Birthday Israel.

Happy Mother's Day.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Batya said...

Young Jack, you did a great job.

ps I don't know if I'll admit my age on my --very soon-- birthday.

Jill said...

Thank you so much for including a link to me. This may sound lame, but I have always wanted to try to keep up with HH and I have done a terrible job - both in figuring out if I submit links, or you find links or what. If you're able to direct a sort of newbie (even though I read several of the blogs from which you select) to the best place to figure out how HH runs, I would be very appreciative!

Cleveland, btw, had a great 60th celebration and my family and I will be traveling to Israel this summer on a congregational trip - I haven't been there in 23 years, and the rest of my family has never been. :)

come running said...

As usual, you've done an impressive job. Thanks for the link, and I hope you had a happy birthday.

bigwhitehat said...

Happy Birthday to you too Jack. According to Jack Benny, you can stop counting now.

To all of those mothers that read Jack's stuff, may your children rise and call you blessed.

therapydoc said...

Thanks, Jack. You're wonderful.

Phyllis Sommer said...

wow! great job. a lot to read...i have been so busy clicking away that i haven't even read the sunday paper! ack!

Jack Steiner said...


The Loveless Marriage post is tough, because there are so many people in them. Certainly there are tons who are happy, but...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.


I'll be there. I am the guy with dark hair, olive skin, eating falafel.


Chocolate is pretty cool.


I work on it throughout the week. If you do a little every day it is pretty easy.


Thanks for coming by.


Happy Early Birthday.


I was in Israel 23 years ago and several times since. So many changes. Have fun.




That Jack Benny line keeps cropping up. Hope that you are getting settled after the move.


Aww shucks, don't make me blush.


Happy to keep you busy. ;)

Smooth said...

Thanks for the links, Jack, I appreciate it!

LEL said...

Great job. Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the traffic to my site! Very kind of you.



yitz said...

Thanks Jack, great job [as usual]!

Jack Steiner said...

Smooth, LEL, Michelle, Yitz,

Thank you.

Jaakonpoika said...

Could you comment, whether my details are correct in my essay in

It is USA that profits from Israel, rather than the opposite. Israel gets nearly 2 billion euros from USA almost every year, that is true. But. US demands that Israel is not allowed to stop BRAIN DRAIN from Eretz israel to USA. Before the Second Intifada, there were 200 Israeli companies listed in the US High Tech Nasdaq, after the Intifaca the count had dropped to 70. At the moment, the number is back in 100, which is still greater than from all the European countries combined. Dollars are green since the yankees pull the down from the tree when still raw and fresh. Israel has not been allowed to let any of its companies to be scaled up in their homeland but most are imported straight from the garage. The scaling up of industrial production would mean jobs, to both Jews, Arabs and other ethnic groups. Israel is ordered to stay as some kind of innovation laboratory only, as the 51. state.

Astonishing number of 25% of the Israeli researchers have moved from Israel to the United States - and this figure does not yet even include the people with double citizenship! The next largest brain drain of researchers to US are 12.2% from Canada, 4.3% from Netherlands, and 4.2% from Italy.

One of the secrets of innovative success in Israel is the fact that cheating is minimized in the public funding: Money is not delivered according to research plans but steady income and thus the market analysis is emphasized. The support is designed so that the first 2-10 years a startup company does not have to pay taxes. But no direct funding without compensation is offered. Today, Israel draws Venture Capital (VC) more than the Europe.

A novel phenomenon is the strategy by which Israel has been able to claim victory over China and other Far-East countries regarding the most modern High Tech factories: As an example, the supranational Intel transferred the mass production of Centricon-processors to Israel, where 25% of citizens possess a higher decree from the university but where people respect patents and are not plagiating every item they produce for others. (China is a great country of thieves. The Empire of Pirates steals every moving article in your machine.) Intel was also offered an overall tax rate of 10%, which is about three times lower than that of US.

Also, the biggest generic drug factory in the world was recently established in Israel. Over half of the export from Israel are High tech products, compared to the 25% which is the average in the OECD countries.

Although the export of the agriculture has remained constant past the last 30 years, its relative amount has dropped from 70% to 3%. Out of the 3000 companies in Israel 80% are less than ten years old, and the average failure rate of these start ups is very low, less than 50%. In biotechnology and drug development, about 400 experimental drugs have been approved or accepted in clinical phases. The greatest portion of funding of research per capita is found in Israel. Israel also has the greatest ratio of researchers per square meter or population in the face of the world, far exceeding I.e. Japan: http://www.helsinki.fi/~pjojala/Indicator.htm

Pauli Ojala
Biochemist, drop-out (MSci-Master of Sciing)

Lady-Light said...

Thank you, Jack, for linking to my Yom Ha'atzma'ut post. I can honestly say that I didn't do it. Somebody (I hope you know who you are, 'cause I sure don't!) submitted my post to HH, because I am soooooo behind in my posts and keeping current with HH that I know it wasn't me(!)
I really look forward to reading HH aggregates, and hopefully will actually submit(that's me, myself or I--whichever)a future post of mine...
Todah rabah!

Jaakonpoika said...

Sir & Sirius,

You might be interested on the "Sins of the fathers" in the Bush family. Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker were running the slave coal mines that needed Jewish and other camp laborers in Poland. Bush continued his business transactions with Fritz "I Paid Hitler -author" Thyssen even after US had been in war with the Nazi Germany already for a year.

An analogous process of blood money laundring was going on in the richest family of the "impartial" Sweden, the Wallenberg's. They invested in the Nazi's during the hyperinflation at the 1920's, when money from abroad determined who's gonna get the power. SA was a private and PAID army with its 350,000 brown shirts. They were no boy scouts but demanded money. Four times larger private army than the Wehrmacht field army of Germany!

I think GW Bush was repenting over the sins of his fathers during his era. But "Thou Shall Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless whosoever uses His name in vain", said the decalog, Ten Commandments to the hypocrite fake believers. G*d's name should not be used to our own ends. I pray for the Republican quasi-royal families.

Helsinki, Finland
Biochemist (MSci-Master of Sciing)

Calling out

 Earth to SQ, Earth to SQ.