May 29, 2008

The 10 worst jobs in science

MSNBC has an interesting list of the ten worst jobs in science. Read the whole article and see what they have to say, or let me walk you through an abridged version.

No. 10: Whale-feces researcher
No. 9: Forensic entomologist
No. 8: Olympic drug tester
No.7: Gravity Research Subject
No. 6: Microsoft security grunt
No. 5: Coursework carcass preparer

No. 4: Garbologist

No. 3: Elephant vasectomist

No. 2: Oceanographer

No. 1 Hazmat diver


benning said...

No. 3: Elephant vasectomist

Yeah, that's one I think I would pass on. Yup! Not a chore for this boy!

Jack said...

Me either.

nursemyra said...

wow-that was fascinating. I think I'd have a go at all of those except Gravity Research Subject and Hazmat Diver

Jack said...


Me too.