April 08, 2008

Working On A Post

I am working on a couple of different posts right now. Since they're not quite where I want them to be I am going to go with the default post of what I am listening to right now.
Always on My Mind- Elvis Presley
Suspicious Minds-Elvis Presley
Did I ever mention that occasionally I dress up in a white Elvis Jumpsuit and pretend to be him. And when I am not playing Elvis I pretend to be Evil Knievel. ;)
In The Ghetto-Elvis Presley
Strangers in the Night -Frank Sinatra
"Autumn Leaves"-Frank Sinatra
You and I-Michael Bublé
Heroes- David Bowie
Young Americans- David Bowie
Shema Israel- Sarit Haddad
Al Kol Eyleh- Joe
This next one is for my neighbor's kid.
Ani Yachol- Ron Shoval Subliminal ve Hazel
Tikva (Hope) [Subtitled]-Subliminal & The Shadow

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