Woman Stuffs Snake Down Pants

How could I not cover this.

"It might sound like the punchline to a bad joke, but we're not joking.

Workers at Preuss Pets in Lansing say a woman stole a snake, and how she did it-- well, it's one for the books.

"We've got some great pictures," says longtime employee Jayzun Boget. "It shows her taking the snake out, shoving it down her pants-- it's been the source of endless jokes here."

The video is a little difficult to see, but shop owner Rick Preuss say it's clear she's reaching into the cage and stuffing the snake down her pants. He says the woman had been in the store for some time, staking out the cage.

"In some ways, I wish it were this really big snake going down her pants [so you could see it better]. Instead what you see is a quick view from the camera" of the snake pattern, he says."

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