Passover- The High Cholesterol Holiday

When I asked people to share their favorite Pesach memories I forgot to include one of my own. One of the things that I like best about Pesach is the food. There are some dishes that only come out once a year. One of my favorite is my mother's Apple Matzah Kugel.

However as much as I like it, there is only so much kugel that I can stand. I love fried matzah (matzah brei) and I love brisket, but there is a limit to these too.

As a not quite recovering carbaholic it is tough to go all week without it. Ok, it really isn't that hard to do. The hard part is being told that I can't have it. Take a memo, if you don't want me to do something you should never tell me that I cannot. Call it childish, call it obnoxious, call it whatever you want, but the fastest way to encourage me to do something is to say that I cannot do it.

It just makes me see red, but I digress. Back to the matter at hand, food.

Passover recipes are chock full of items that are sure to send your cholesterol soaring. In the old days I used to eat enormous amounts of eggs. I am sure that my picture was on the wall at the chicken post office as public enemy number one.

Now in a more enlightened time I head off to Costco and grab a case of Egg Beaters and it is off to the races. On a side note one of the nicer things about using Egg Beaters is that it reduces the amount of collateral damage caused by young children handling eggs because in my house they love to crack those eggs.

Really, it is no yolk. Give those wacky children of mine some eggs to crack and they're happy as a clam. Not that I'd feed them clams. No clams, crabs, mussels or the like in this house and that is not for shellfish reasons.

Oy, the puns aren't very funny so I'll have to wrap this up. But before I do allow me to say that I do have one other Passover food that I enjoy. Gefilte fish. The mighty Gefilte, king of all the fish is a fine treat during this lovely holiday.

One of these days I'll have to share the tale of what happened during my last fishing trip. I was strapped into the fighting chair for a solid six hours. The battle that took place between me and the mighty Gefilte was epic, the stuff of legends. Stay tuned and I just might share the tale with you. Note, that I said tale and not tail. I don't like sharing tail, but since this is a family blog we'll just end this post right here.


come running said...

oy, very punny post :-)

Leora said...

Do you like almonds or avocado? They may reduce the bad cholesterol.

I begin to wonder what I normally eat, because I'm always hungry on Pesach and reaching for another egg-based food to fill me.

Jack Steiner said...




I like them both. Eggs are a core ingredient of Pesach. Without them it wouldn't feel like Pesach.

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