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A Special Message To Hamas & Co.


Anonymous said…
Never mind "be nice". I think it'd be better if they just ignored us. :-)
Anonymous said…
that is awesome. I love that chart.
Anonymous said…
Wish I could post this on my blog but I promised to remain apolitical. "Leave us alone" would be good but imagine what "Be nice" could help us achieve.
Anonymous said…
i like that, i like it a lot!
Jack Steiner said…



I can't take credit for it.


Be nice was tried. It didn't work.


Rehashing my material, eh?

No waffles for you tonight, my friend.
Jack Steiner said…
Hey Waffle Boy,

You talking to me.
Gila said…
Love it. I also cannot put it on my blog but may try to add it to facebook.....