Naming The Blog- I Should Start Over

Way back in the Jurassic era of my blogging career I spent about 1.2 seconds devising a clever name for this blog. It was so clever that just short of four years later people still can't the name straight.

If you search through the blogrolls you'll find me listed as Random Thoughts, Random Thoughts- Do they Have Meaning? and Jack's Shack. For a while someone had me listed as The Fabulous Jack and his Magical Shack. Unfortunately she has since hung up her shingle and moved on. The worst part is that she deleted her blog. Had I spent more time thinking about it I would have taken a screen shot of it.

I suppose that I could go off on a marketing rant about branding and how I should have spent time to think of a clever title for this little corner of cyberspace. If you have any interest in becoming a successful blogger a good title is a key component. I wouldn't say that it is the keystone in the arch, because outstanding content is critical. I'd like to say that it is the most important element, but I don't believe that to be true.

Dr. Helen asked if your car is a reflection of your personality. Perhaps I should ask if the same holds true of blog names. Want to gain a little insight about some old jbloggers? Try reading What Do You Call Your Blog?

Of course that list is now replete with a number of retired bloggers.

Every so often I consider retiring, I think that I'll hang up my keyboard and just start over. I'll take the knowledge I have gained from this place and apply it to a new venture. But I think that I'd miss this place. There is a certain comfort here, a familiarity.

Would I really want to give that up so that I could come up with some uber cool name. Well, maybe....I'll let you know.


Leora said...

I kind of like Random Thoughts. It allows you to say what you need to say.

It's hard to change a blog name. In a company, the marketing team has a budget, and presumably the company will do better with a new brand name. You're all on your own.

SuperRaizy said...

Maybe you could turn to Will & Grace for inspiration and rename your blog "Just Jack!"

Soccer Dad said...

... replete with a number of retired bloggers.

Sigh. I miss AbbaGav.

mother in israel said...

Maybe you could get rid of the excess www.


Another meshugannah mommy said...

I have always though of this corner of the blogosphere as "The Shack." Don't start over.

And - what a trip down memory lane! I miss reading many of those bloggers. I can't even catch up with Stacey on Facebook anymore. Maybe you should do a guest post for the Shmata Queen.

I can't believe I am still blogging after three and a half years. That is like an eternity around here.

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Wait - why did I think the right name was "Jack's Shack"? You got me looking for the title, and I don't see that anywhere.

All right, let's scrap Jack's Shack, as well as Random Thoughts, and Jack be nimble as well. Let's start fresh.

Are you retaining "Jack" in this hypothetical new name?

Loralee Choate said...

Hmm...I like "Jack be nimble", frankly.

I kind of wish I had picked a different name for my blog (I am still waiting for WB to have a freaking COW over it and sue me) but it was done in naiveté and is totally here to stay after almost 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh me! Me! Pick me! I know the answer!


Yeah baby! Happy Purim, Shushan or otherwise...

cruisin-mom said...

I thought it was Jack's Shack too. Hey, are you really Jack?

Jack Steiner said...


I am always on my own. It is part of who I am. Anyhoo, you are right, the title does present me with a certain freedom.


Just Jack- I like it.


Me too. The old man was a good guy and a fellow Laker fan.


That'll have to wait until Pesach. ;)


The Shmata Queen is still around. One of these days I'll untie her and she'll write again. ;)


I am retaining the name. This post was mostly my musing about the importance of a name and what I'd do if I started over.


Maybe they won't ever find it or they don't care.


;) Chag sameach.


I am Jack and you are not. ;)

Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

Rebranding makes me there is a cover-up going on or something!

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