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How To Create an Audio Post

Several people have recently contacted me to inquire about how I create these audio posts. Some of the relevant information is contained below.

Content is just as important in the audio posts as it is in the written. If you are not coming up with compelling content than you are not going to be able to retain your readers/listeners.

The other thing I suggest you do is listen to your post to determine if the sound quality is good. Sometimes I stutter, stammer or slur some words. If it fits the post, then I leave it as is. But if I feel it detracts from it I will go ahead and redo it.

What do you think about all this?


Deadman said…
I'm on the waiting list for a number...

Thanks, Jack.
Leora said…
Hi, Jack. Thanks for that nifty tip.

I've used Flash for audio; then I can have a cute little picture to go with it (the few on my blog are of my daughter singing). But at the point I did this, I couldn't embed Flash directly into WordPress.

Thanks for this method.
Jack Steiner said…

I'd love to take credit for it, but all I did was find Grand Central. They did the hard work.
Leora said…
Jack, give yourself more credit. It's a skill to keep up with the latest gizmos and widgets for websites and blogs.