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Have you Ever Owned a Waterbed?

Ok readers, it is time for yet another question. Have you ever owned a waterbed?


The Misanthrope said…
I wanted to, but my father said it would create too much pressure on the second floor. That was bogus, he didn't want to worry about me poking a hole and flooding the house (he did that himself with poor plumbing). Having slept on one a few times, I am glad I never had one.
FlutePrayer said…
No. I don't even think I've every slept on one. How about you?
Anonymous said…
Yes and it was wonderfully comfortable but maintenance was a pain. It was heated and wave-resistant and great for the back, although terrible once I injured my neck. I finally had to get rid of it.
Anonymous said…
Yes, and I still would, except that our dogs jumped on it, scratched it, and it had too many leaks.

It was very comfortable, before the leaks. The heat was nice in wintertime.
i haven't but a family member has and for a little kid, it's fun to play on!
Stacey said…
Yes, and I loved it...but it hurt my boyfriend's back, so it had to go. :(
Deadman said…
Two. Great for sex.
Jack Steiner said…

So your father flooded the house. Sounds like you have more solid blog material to share with us.


I haven't owned one, but I have spent many nights in several. I liked them.


The heat is a nice feature.


Don't leave steak on the bed and the dogs will leave it alone.


Yes it is.


Clip your toenails and it is a whole different story.


I knew I could depend on your for that.
bigwhitehat said…
Sorry to be so late.

Yes, I have owned a few.