Shocking News: Adult Store Sells Sex Toys

This is so ridiculous I had to include it. Was the reporter so hard up for a story that she had to try and make one up. Ok, she didn't exactly make it up, but...

Adult Video and Books on McDowell Road in Jackson is apparently selling illegal sex toys again.

Jackson police raided the store at least two times last year after an undercover sting. Three people were arrested and several boxes of sex toys were seized.

A "3 on Your Side" undercover investigation shows that the business is back at it again and is not even discreet about selling the devices.

WLBT received the tip, so we decided to go undercover to see if it was true.
Ok, the store named Adult Video and Books in a shocking move is carrying adult toys. And we know this because of the brave undercover reporter. Come walk with me and watch this unfold.

Kandiss Crone entered the store and said "Hi...I'm going to a bachelorette party, I'm looking for a sex toy."

After looking over the stock Kandiss said "Can i have that purple one?"

As soon as the sale was completed our team walked back into the store to confront the owner.

Kandiss: "Hi charles, I'm Kandiss Crone from WLB. I understand this business was raided for selling sex toys illegally. I just purchased this sex toy and it is still illegal to sell them in the state of mississippi. Even though you were raided last year and you're still selling them, what is your response to that?"

Charles Hobby: "Where did you buy it at?"

Kandiss: "I bought it here. I just walked in about five minutes ago and I bought this. Don't you know it's illegal to sell these?

Hobby: "That's not one of the required items listed as being prohibited."

But in fact, it is. Section 97 of the Mississippi State Law prohibits the sale of such 3-dimensional devices like the one we were sold.

Brave undercover reporter purchases a purple one and then confronts the owner of the store with the so called, illegal 3-dimensional device., a fact disputed by the owner.

Hobby: "That's not a sex toy"

Kandiss: "What would you call this then? it's a personal vibrator.

Hobby: "It can be put on your arm, your neck, your leg if it's hurting or anything, it's just a vibrator."

I am dying to know if he provided a demonstration. It is a like a Monty Python skit come to life. Thankfully the brave reporter went to the police to discuss this.

JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance issued the following statement:

"The adult store is not a priority for our vice and narcotics officers. We will do the best we can. Citizens would rather see us using our resources to get drugs and prostitutes off our streets and work to decrease violent crime.

I walked in to find dozens of sex toys on the front walls of the store.

Selling the devices is a misdemeanor charge. If the person is convicted, they could be fined up to five-thousand dollars and could face six months in jail.


Anonymous said...

Reporters in search of a life.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that the reporter is a transplant from California.

And I'm so glad I live in the mostly sane part of Mississippi: the Gulf Coast.

Right Truth said...

I'm in Tennessee and believe it or not -- we have crazies like these too.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

The Misanthrope said...

I think the reporter is related to an alternate juror I know.

Anonymous said...

She is from California? If so, sorry that she landed there, but we obviously couldn't let her stay here! :-D

Jack Steiner said...


Very true.


There must be something in the water there. ;)


I do believe it. I have been to Tennessee.


Wouldn't surprise me.


No way.

Anonymous said...

Let her come to Canada and be shocked by the stores that sell Bongs and crack pipes

Jack Steiner said...


You can have her.

Anonymous said...

adult toys RULEEEE woohoo, maybe if she would use that toy she bought she wouldnt be so tight azzed.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why southern states like Tennessee have issues with adult toys. Really, who cares? It's backwards as far as I'm concerned, and anyone who wants one can just order one online from places like Body Vibes. The law seems as pointless as the reporter's story.

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